Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"where did you get your creativity"

 So, i know this is an art blog mostly... but I just wanted to 
give a shout out to my mom. I know it's not mothers day or anything yet, 
but she is just so awesome. She ( and my dad ) are the reason I have
this insane creative passion running through my brain! When I was growing
up, we did alot of sewing. She sewed clothes with patterns and I would take all the 
scraps and make something of them. Or my dad would be printing 
photos and have extra mat board and I would take it out of the trash 
and draw all over it. We made all my birthday cakes, we make 
silly halloween costumes - like a hobo and a gypsy with just junk, she took
me to craft classes at a local hobby store doing silly dipped hippy 
flowers ( remember those?) , she crochet me thousands of floppy
hats ( i was the queen of the floppy hat)..... and so much more.
 Did i forget to say that she is beautiful? Shes that tall middle child in the pic
above with her two sisters. And here in her high school photo. Plus me with my mom
and dad in a re-make of a famous Frank Zappa picture....hahaha....
Anyway, I was doing an interview for a group that I will be the 
featured artist in this April and one of the questions was where did your
creativity come from. I guess it might be inherited... 
but being adopted, i am not 
I do know that my birth sister was an artist and published books like 
me.... but I fully believe that growing up with a creative mom and dad in 
a creative household made me creative. So... if you don't do crafts with your 
kinds and you don't have art in your house DO THEM AND GET SOME. 
Imerse yourself and your kids in crafts, art, journaling... whatever.
Hug your mom and your dad.
and if you can't hug them...
Call them!!!
if they are "unavailable"
( as my friend Karen says about her late dad)
Just look up and say... thank you!
Cherish the memories!!!
And go get your craft on.
to see more of my video interview...
request to join the group
Featured Artist on the page April of 2015

PS... wanna win a big pocket full of happy mail bits and 
pieces and cards and stickers and... and....?
I cleanned out my cardmaking box and i have a big envelope
of goddies to pass along. So, comment and tell me what rocker tool
a family photo like mine. I will choose one lucky winner at
random on the 1st of April.
whatcha waiting for? Leave a comment!


Debra Davison said...

Aside from the Frank Zappa pic with his parents and those lovely purple walls, my 2 other faves are Elton John ( he looks like a cowboy ) and Grace Slick ( holding her baby upside down ).... Yours is amazing as well since you are a rock star of the creative world !!

Cynthia said...

Could it be Frank Zappa, as you mentioned?

carol hodges said...

I am not sure what rocker tool you mean but I will just say I love your story and no wonder your are so creative And that you really rock!! I love your work.

carol hodges said...

Ok I got it now. and I also say that the rocker that TOOK a photo like yours wa Fanrk Zappa

Gypsy said...

Hahahaha Frank Zappa! Don't eat yellow snow, and my favorite all time song Peaches in Regalia, my first love told me that reminded him of me every time he heard it!

But I love the Grace Slick with her kid upside down! Classic!

ellen gets crafty said...

Thank you for sharing your creative background. How wonderful to have parent's that showed you their love of art.

Tasha said...

Frank Zappa! You are awesome.

Judy Bagley said...

This is terrific! It sounds like they gave you every exposure possible to aid your creative juices!

Randi S said...

I am or of my depth here, but i love looking at at your photos!

Alice said...

Lol, your nurture vs. nature argument has me convinced the you're correct. My inspiration is my mom, too. She sewed, made costumes, knitted, crocheted, helped with family tree assignments or science boards. She is a wonderful person.

ten_33 said...

Frank Zappa...

BTW- See Zappa Plays Zappa if it tours near you. Excellent show. Dweezil and many original members of Frank's band on tour.

Marsha McElroy said...

Frank Zappa. Loved your story! Would love to see some tiny trailers!

ann said...

Beautiful story! I came to art late, but doing all I can to instill a love of all things art in my grands.

Scatterjoy said...

I have so many memories of my mom and I sewing, embroidering, crafting, cooking. Sometimes I wonder how I know how to do something when I see always boils down to what my mom taught me. Thanks for the reminder.

Patti Moore said...

What a sweet tribute to your parents Lindsay!... Such a blessing to be lovingly nurtured along by them as you grew into your creative self. :)

karenb00 said...

All those wonderful memories .... no wonder you're a fabulous woman. You have great role models.

martha crouser said...

Frank Zappa - Love your photo. My creativity came from my Grandma Dolores.

Gallegos Newsletter said...

Frank Zappa! Love reading your posts and I look forward to joining My Story, My Life! Enjoy your day!

Claudia said...

Just reread this. Did you mean to ask what rocker "took" this family photo? If so, I'm gonna guess Kurtis. If you meant rocker tool, I have no idea what that means. And if I win, please draw another name. I have more than enough mail stuff. Love this ode to your creative roots.

Terrie said...

Elton John! My personal fav. I got my creativity from my Aunt Treba. Still creating together!!!

Joan V said...

Frank Zappa? Hi Lindsay, I haven't been blogging but I stumbled on your site again to get some inspiration. Oh, I loved this story. What a wonderfully creative childhood you had. I still have some of the things we did about a year back in my art journal and think about you. Thanks for inspiring me (just like your parents inspired you).