The Documented Life Project



 I am participating in one of the most fun challenges ever. It was started by 5 talented artists and put up as a challenge on their blogs. The Documented Life is a combination of art journaling, a datebook / yearly planner and a scrapbook. Perfect. This is for me, thought. Well.... 4000 people and counting so far thought the same thing.

and Barbara Moore 
make up the uber talented team.
Each week, they post a challenge and we strive to meet it.

So much fun, this is just what I needed. Although, now i am 
a bit obessessed. Which can be a good thing. Very inspiring.
But i have to get back to real life...hehehe

Enjoy some of my pages... 
I am working on a short video taking you though my book...

This piece below was a challenge for a doodled border...
I am all about doodling
it's in my blood... hahaha!

The Documented Life Project

by Lindsay Ostrom - 2014


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous... more videos puhleeze :) Beth

Ann said...

Saw a link through Pinterest... Love your pages! I am doing a DLP too.

Unknown said...

This is so inspiring !!!

saturated sunshine said...

Are they doing the Life Project for 2018? Now, that I'm learning to letter (from you) I'd like to give this a try.