Sunday, February 3, 2013

tell me a story.... february blog challenge

almost all of my has a story to tell.
this sweet little girl says...
"she knew the moon was her friend"

this little rabbit girl, is me. and she is talking about 
getting back to her rabbitness...

this journal pages reads...
"once in a very blue moon she let's her hair down and kicks up her heels
in sheer delight"

last but not least... a home on a hill.

so..... what story do you have to tell?
show me your art and tell a story in it. 
I want to see your lettering. Ok, i guess if you
absolutley hate your lettering... you can stamp it, 
print it on the computer or do some magazine cut outs.
But... write a little mini story.
Here's an easy way to start....
SHE loves, SHE knows, SHE sees... start with SHE and 
write a little make believe story around it.
Let me see what you do...
email me at
before the end of the month and you 
will be entered to win a hand made piece of 
story telling art from me.

and go 49er's
(it is super bowl sunday, after all)


Joan V said...

Oh Lindsay, this is going to be a real CHALLENGE. BUT, I guess that what challenges are all about. I love your little stories that you showed us. You are so creative. Thanks for sharing. Off to go thinking of my own story. Have a great day.

Outside Inn said...

Grin... I don't think I'm going to meet your challenge, but leaving some love anyway :)

Claudia said...

Great challenge. Must put on my thinking hat and come up with a story.

And since the Seahawks didn't make it into the Superbowl, I'm with ya - go 49'ers!

Dogwood said...

I'm in.
I have my "thinking pink tutu" on.
Some good and entertaining story should come to mind.