Tuesday, April 30, 2013

april showers... bring may flowers... and mail trucks.....

 It's April 30th and for as much as I couldn't wait for April 1st to get here so that
National Letter Writing Month could begin,
I am equally excited that it's over and that I can start a new challenge. 
I love a challenge!
So let's get going.
But first... a tally and total count!

Ok... drumroll for the final count..........
155 letters recieved
105 letters mailed out to each player
155 letters mailed out to thank each and every one that sent me something. You people rock! It's been a fabulous month. So let's keep it rolling.

This super cute card above came from letter writing friend Evelyn.
So so cute. It gave me a great idea... 
The front of the card says... April Showers bring May Flowers
and on the inside it reads "And the mail truck"
with hand cute little bitty envelopes coming out of the back.
Thank you Evelyn. 
So creative... look at you!

Eveyln kinda inspired this challenge
along with all the amazing flowers that are all around 
the sierras this month. 

So, here's what I am challenging you to do. I want ONE piece of art that has to be inspired by flowers. If you really want to challenge yourself... do one piece of art a week. Or... go for broke and do one piece of art A DAY. Draw, clip out pics and put into a journal, sew a bag, paint a still life, take a photo, do some mixed media with silk flowers.... whatever you do. Do it with flowers.

Send me the pic(s) of what you do, i will post them here and then the one with the most votes ( via comments ) or the one i choose randomly - whichever works better will get a handmade something from me made with the inspiration of flowers. You have from now May 1st thru May 31st. Winners will be announced on the 5th of June when Flat Fanny comes out to play for the summer..... so much fun!
my email is lindsayostrom@yahoo.com

and thanks from the bottom of my heart for all of you who played in the National Letter Writing Challenge...I am pooped! It was alot of fabulous mail! Thanks, really!!!


Dogwood said...

it is going to be another fun month with lindsay's flower challenge!
thanks a million time to you.

Claudia said...

Looking forward to flowers and backward at stacks and Cstacks of mail. It was a lot of fun, and I shall keep in touch with my awesome pen pal, just not so frequently. Thank you for organizing and playing so hard in this, Lindsay. You are inspiring and you make me feel tired at the same time :-)

Terrie said...

Okay, here we go... Also, thank you LIndsay for NLWM! I had so much fun and will be ready for April 2014.

ann said...

just might have to join, after i finish up answering mail from april.
bless you, lindsay!

Unknown said...

Love this idea. Have a picture ready to post. It's beaded so hope it counts! Just have figure out how to post it.

Unknown said...

Left a picture somewhere!! Hope you see it. Please let me know. Thanks.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

It sounds like fun! I posted my entry on my blog and will be e-mailing it to you later today. Blessings!