Monday, October 27, 2014

Christmas Break
It's Christmas Break!
well, it is for me anyway.
Friday night... i dress up as scary as i can with my honey and we watch scary movies all night long. Then at midnight... BAM, the Christmas fairy sprinkles her magic on me and the Hallmark Channel is ON and ready for a long and wonderful season. Here is where i will be. I might check back from time to time to show you what I have been up to. Need to see more? Go to my etsy page and support a starving artist and put some good old American made... HANDMADE art in your world for this season!

happy holidays!
see you in January 

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Sondra said...

Have you ever tried your hand at Fabric Designing? I think you would do remarkably well!! I have designed a few lines myself and sold them I was a complete novice, the only hard part about the actualy creative process is you have to use a good software like Photoshop and it has to be done in color layers and using only a limited # of pantone colors and of course trying to sell them. I am lucky and I could hook you up with ONE design firm if you are interested in showing any of your work, just happens to be in the family. I used an old version of Photoshop to make my designs but any of the new versions of photoshop would work Mine was 7.0 it's way back there. Now they call them CS (creative Suite)and I didn't hire an agent(probably should have) but sent out packets to fabric design houses..they will take freelance or you can get an agent. You get paid a royalty % of yards sold-- anywhere from 5-7% or you can sell the design outright but then its no longer yours and you don't get royalty. I never became Laurel Birch but you see by her fame how far it can go! I could see your little travel vans being a very successful line!