Thursday, July 23, 2015

1000 plus like

I have a little drive this weekend to push my facebook page
up and over 1000 likes.
Well.... as of yesterday I now have well over 1000!
thanks to everyone who liked the page and because of all of that....
I will be hosting a big huge, gigantic
give away starting this weekend!
you should.
You could win something cool....
and in the mean time, 
here is an old ( 9 years plus ) 
piece of coloring art done by me...
see, I was coloring, when coloring wasn't cool!
and... next week, i have a big surprise to 
announce and it has alot to do with 
the new adult coloring craze!
enjoy the rest of summer!


LChippy76 said...

*** C O N G R A T *** AWESOMENESS!!!
Excited to see & hear what you have planned for Us!!
THANKS for your Amazing Artwork!!
Linda Lechnir Chidster from Missouri

Createology said...

Thank you Miss Creator of Cuteness. Too bad I don't have my computer or printer available...but at least I was able to purchase some of your AdornIt pages today at Benny's. I enjoyed chatting with you dear. Wonderful weekend to you...

Gallegos Newsletter said...

Big prizes! Who doesn't love that! I am excited to hear about your announcement...and thank you so much for the darling color tags!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend!

Lisa 'copycat' McDonald said...

Lindsay - Today I printed this on cardstock AND watercolor paper. I babysat my printer and helped the paper through a bit but I can't wait to watercolor it on that paper. I know you like just good cardstock but I LOVE watercolor paper!