Saturday, April 21, 2012

Greetings from MARS....

 twice a year my art group has a retreat at the most beautiful camp in the world.... that is this weekend!
 the lake is full, the sky is blue and the creativity is 
going wild!
 i finished my Mary, Mary art quilt... ready to show at the
Mountain Art Quilters group on Wednesday
 used  a beautiful vintage pink hanger
 she has on her wellies... ready for gardening
 a hint of the quilting....
 this is a fabulous book done by letter writing pen pal Loretta... she made it from old greeting cards .
 I wanted to share so that you all can see what you can do with all your old cards and letters after this month is over!
Sad but true....
April is coming to an end.
But a new challenge will begin 
on May Day... May 1st!
 some of the cards she leaves as is and some she covers, paints and collages over. Cool, right?
more pictures to follow...
enjoy this glorious weekend!

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