Wednesday, February 25, 2015

black and white and yummy all over.... with Inchie Arts and RubberMoon

 I am proud and happy to share with you
the new BLACK sqaures
from Inchie Arts!!!

I have teamed up with them and RUBBERMOON 
rubber stamps. You aren't gonna see any of the stamped
images here... so, you will have to hop on 
over to

I'm not going to lie... I am a much better doodler with pens
than I am a stamper. I love all the pieces I did but all 
that you see here are doodled using the SIGNO white pens and the
KURETAKE ZIG painty twin gold / silver pen.
More with the GOLD part on Rubbermoon's blog
And... of course, PRISMACOLOR pencils. The 
soft coloring quality of these on black is a dream!

Ok... so if you made it down this far....
you are looking for the GIVE AWAY!!!
check the pieces here on my blog and choose your favorite
then , check the stamped pieces on RUBBERMOON'S BLOG
and choose your favorite
then...tell me what your favorite stamp of mine you like
( you can buy all the stamps HERE also, you know! )
comment ( with a way to contact you... like an email )
all those answers
and you will be entered in to win!
Good Luck and enjoy this 
mini blog hop!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sneek Peek

Join me 
for a fun joint blog venture
February 25th
we will be showing the 4"black squares
stamped art on the 
hand drawn art
over here on my blog
you can buy all the stamps 
featured on these squares
that I used for this blog post
and that I drew myself...
over at my etsy shop!

( psst... and don't tell anyone but i am doing a little give away in honor of this blog post... details to follow)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

back up to the art....

Up early this morning finishing up backing up my entire computer.
I have a litte issue with it and it's headed to the Mac Doctor for 
a few days. I am a bit worried. I know that everything is 
backed up... but just the same... it's unsettling.

Since I have been going through all my files, I have noticed 
that this month's art has a great new look to it. I really like where it's headed.
I have an agent now, for those that don't know, an art agent.
She is taking my work and presenting it to 
gift companies to license it. Pretty exciting stuff!
Plus I have chosen to just be happy... no matter what.
And man oh man,  what a difference that makes.

All these pieces were done for a doodle challenge I am 
taking part in and for the documented life challenge ( art to the 5th )
I have been drawing daily for the entire month of February and I do feel that 
anytime you can do your craft everyday... you get better with each day. 
Sometimes I am drawing or doodling several times a day.
Right now, it's an addiction.
And I love every minute of it.
Enjoy what you do everyday!

Monday, February 16, 2015


National Letter Writing Month is CLOSED!
Thanks to all that are playing and made this 
year fill up in three short days!
sadly, some will be getting an email from me soon
saying that you will need to wait until NEXT year....

Sunday, February 15, 2015

NLWM - 2015

We are 77 strong so far!!!
The list of everyone who is in so far is 
on our facebook page
if you are on facebook, please join us
if you are not... not to worry!
Everything will be posted here!!!
( this is just the list of folks signed up, not pen pals)

We have folks this year from
The UK, Austrailia, Canada, Italy and the Phillipines
If you DO NOT want to write to anyone overseas
please shoot me an email.
if you want to get mail from all 100 of us, 
let me know
if NOT... your address will be kept between
you and your pen pal ONLY!!!

for newbies....
in the past, some overachivers would write to 
everyone and there were millions of cards,letters,
gifts, mailart, packages etc sent. I have curbed
that this year and tried to keep everyone a bit more
calm with the writing kept between two folks. Although,
those who have played in the past and liked the frenzy
of mail and want to do it again. So we shall see.

that's it for now.

Friday, February 13, 2015

National Letter Writing Month Registration

National Letter Writing Month
 is now


Here's what I need from you 
If you would like to play this year

1. Email me at
    (emails to any other email address you might have 
      for me will NOT be accepted, sorry)

2. Your Name and Address where you will recieve mail
     ONLY your full name and address.

3. No chatter... just Name and Address, please

4. Raise your right hand and repeat after me... I, state your name, do promise to write at least 4 LETTERS to my pen pal and do so promise to get in the spirit of letter writing.  

5. Got the email correct? Got it? Just your name and 
    address please! Love you... Happy Valentines Day!

What you will get from me....

1. Nothing right now

2. There will be a list here by MARCH 20th, on this blog with your FIRST NAME and your pen pal's name on it 
( first names and last initial only ) . I will be emailing out a list with You and Your Pen Pal's Address ONLY beginning on March 21st! If you don't recieve that... email me on MARCH 21st and I will get it to you again. 

3. When you recieve that email on March 20th , you will get a questionaire with some things to Break The Ice with your pen pal. PLEASE no letters are to be MAILED until (around) March 29th to arrive on April 1st. If you live out of the country... you will be emailed your pen pal on MARCH 15th and can start writing sooner, so that your letters can arrive on or around April 1st. We're on the honor system here folks. Let's make APRIL 2015 the best National Letter Writing Month Ever!!!

email me ( don't leave it in a comment )

want to share your pretty letters and envelopes?

Monday, February 9, 2015

National Letter Writing Month - 2015

It's a big week... ladies and gentleman
This is the week that the registration will begin for National Letter Writing Month. Lots of changes this year... mostly due to the fact that it was overwelming last year and it became a chore and not what it was intended on being... at least for me. This year, i am super duper busy with a full time job, a part time craft fair / etsy job and then i just got an AGENT!!! So.... this is gonna be streamlined. This is now time to ask questions - because I will answer them ONCE!!!. Here's how it will work....

1. I will pair up 50 PAIRS of folks ( asap and get your addresses)

2. You will get one pen pal.

3. You will be REQUIRED to write 4 letters ( and yes, i mean letters ) during the month of April with your PEN PAL ONLY.

4. You will ONLY be given your pen pals address - and that's it. No other writing on behalf of NLWM will be required. Just between you TWO.

5. This facebook page will go dark and silent during the month of April
we want April to be about Snail Mail. That's what it's all about. If you find your pen pal here on facebook BEFORE April 1st... this page willbe up UNTIL APRIL 1st.... and then, nighty night.

6. Signs up's will be open ON FEBRUARY 14th at midnight ( show me some lovin' ladies ♥) and it will be via my BLOG. All info you need
will be on the blog. Okie dokie....

7. That's it.

8. The idea is to get to know your pen pal. Chat it up via letters. Send cards,
postcards, letters... whatever.

9. Now is time to ask questions.

10. I'm listening - just send me a comment with your email and I will answer as many as i can! .... hope you all approve .....