Saturday, May 20, 2017

Too much happy....

So here are some photos of Happy ... too much to speak of right now. But here's a few...

1. New fabric line with Adorn it coming soon


2. New stitching monthly kit club of appliqué and stitching a girl a month from Just Another Button Co. 


3-100. Road tripping with my folks to do biz in LA and back home up highway 395 to the Alabama Hills... their favorite spot...

(My dad with his barber of 45 years who is 82 now! We went in a hugging tour where we went and hugged and left and went on our way )



Hope your weekend is filled with Happy!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Five Pieces of Happy


... Here we are, third day in a row for blogging. Yippie! I've decided to combine my needing to spill my thoughts here on the blog with my art. Up until now it's just been art mostly. I just feel the need to write. So here we go.

   I'm thinking, after a lot of the comments I have gotten on my last few posts , that a lot of you are in the same place as me lately. A bit of needing to just find a little happy in your day. It's there. I know it is. You just have to know where to look for it and how to find it. So, as you go through your day there will be obvious signs of Happy and those will bring a smile to your face immediately.... others you might just overlook as just a normal happy and still others you may overlook all together and later in the day, those thoughts come back as amazing happy things❤️

   So here I go. I may not always share but today, I will. It was a bummer of a day but at the end... I had some happy things come into my mind. 

1. The amazing deep blue sky and huge white puffy clouds in the sky
2. Chocolate milkshakes and cheetos
3. My new fabric lines were launched today at the St Louis Quilt Market. 6 sunshine girls styles!!!
4. I get five days in a row off starting now!
5. Doing art as therapy❤️
    ... like below. Art heals - Jenny Doh says that. And I believe in art more than anything else! So 

 So... this is what I propose. That you find five things that made you happy in a day. Or five thoughts that make you happy. Write them down. Take photos of them. Draw them. Or just jot them in a piece of paper. Soon you'll have ten happys in a day and then soon... your day will be filled with happy.

Sound good? Ok, who's with me?
Use this hash tag when sharing...
Use that whenever you post to instagram or Facebook. I'm gonna start a Facebook page for a group for us Sunshine Girls....

Oh and speaking of sunshine girls 


My line of fabric was released today at the St Louis Quilt Market with Adorn it❤️❤️❤️ When I get more pics... you'll get to see them. But I have six styles of Sunshine Girls fabric. I'm so excited. This made me over the moon happy!!!!

So let's get happy!!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Better days

 And... with a good sleep and a better day at work, I am back to my old self... almost. I am drawing again. Not what I would consider to be some if my best... but the ideas are flowing again. I had three jobs to finish sh tonight for clients and then I did this for me. I saw this quote on someone's instagram feed and thought it was fitting. All is well. I hope it is with you too! 

Monday, May 15, 2017

i am enough....

   Some days, just driving home for work is a chore. I barely have the energy to get in the door and drop. But the life of an artist means that when you get home from a full day of work... your work day is just beginning. My creativity and inspiration is at an all time low. Not sure if i am tired, under slept, annoyed or what.... but for the past month i just can barely do anything when i get home. I used to be able to see my future playing out in front of me just like i could grab it. So close. But it seems lately to be slipping away from me. And I hate that. 
   So i am coming back to blogging. I haven't done it for so long and I am sorry. I will also apologize now for the personal nature of this post. And they may lean that way for a bit. It's faster to type than write all this down in my journal and it so helps to work through this all when i let the words spill out somewhere.

   A long time ago i knew what i really wanted and these days all i want are days.  No need to worry about me. I'm fine. I am just in search of me these days.  This is me.... a girl in a white t shirt, jeans, keen shoes and wearing my heart on my sleeve. That's me. And i have lost that in the 9 to 5... i think. So, how do I get that back and still do what needs to be done. That's what i'm in search of. Usually through my art I find that feeling again but lately that just feels like something i need to do. Maybe an art quilt is needed. Or some embroidery. Or both. Not sure.... when i figure it out, i will let you know. Again... sorry for this emotional post. But i'm in search of something that the spilling of words will help me find. I hope. Until then... i;ll just keep drawing even if i feel like everything is just not up to par. See you in my doodles.....

Monday, May 1, 2017

It's been many months since i have posted in my blog.... but with mothers day approaching i wanted to upload a FREE downloadable print for you to print and color for mothers day.  If this won't copy and print for you, then email me and i will get you a PDF. Have a great mothers day....

FREE!!! Mothers Day Download. Follow me on Facebook to get the printable Mothers Day download... and others to come. I started making these years ago for anyone that can't afford a card or wants to recognize some mama for being great, when I heard from someone that their family did nothing for them in their first Mothers Day because they didn't need that little pat in the back. Weather you have cats, dogs, kids or you just work with a group that needs mothering... you're a mother. Thank you for what you, print this,color this, mail this or give this with your live❤️💛💚💙

Monday, November 7, 2016


    My first encounter with elections was in 1971 when I ran for secretary of my class in high school. Not being the popular kid, I lost to another girl. I think I wanted to be secretary because I thought i could write alot and take good notes. Haha. But it was an experience that I thought I never wanted to do again. Later in life, I did run for school board 3 times and won each time. Proving that you can run for election and win not being the cool popular kid. That was a great experience and I served the school district for over 10 years. I have also collected political buttons from elections from Kennedy to Ross Perot and Pat Paulsen ( yes, I am that old! - He was on Laugh In in the 60's ). I love the whole process.

   Somewhere in there, I met a president. Richard Nixon had a wedding in Pasadena with his family and his helicopter flew in to La Canada at JPL. My whole family went to see him. I remember standing in what seemed like a receiving line to meet him and Pat and Trisha. It was awe inspiring. I thought that was one of the coolest moments in my life.

   Before I was 18, i dreamed of voting. My friend Shari Rogo worked on the George McGovern campaign in 1972    . I remember driving with her to pick up signs and volunteer in his office. I thought that was so cool. I wanted to do that. So I took government classes from Mr. Sogamonian in college and questioned the heck out of the system. I had to take his class for two semesters to even kind of understand the electoral college.

    When Obama ran the first time, I told my son and daughter to go and listen to him speak in Reno because they would always remember that moment in history and it would seal the deal for them to feel like they had a hand in electing our first African American president. I have also collected political buttons from elections from Kennedy to Ross Perot and Pat Paulsen ( yes, I am that old! - He was on Laugh In in the 60's ). I love the whole process. I always have and I feel a sense of pride  reading all the info about candidates and propositions, getting to vote, filling out the ballot, going to the polling places... all of it. Not this year. I dread tomorrow. I really do. I am scared, I am anxious, I afraid of what the outcome will be either way.

   So... I have created this little doodle to color for all of you to download. I hear that coloring is a good stress reliever. Print it out, pass it out, share it with the world.... calm down. Color! I tell myself no matter what happens... everything with be OK. Let's hope that is true. In the mean time. Your vote matters. Go vote. OK... that's as political as i get . Have fun and I promise my next blog entry will be a fun and creative one.

Here is the dropbox link to the VOTE coloring sheet. Click on it and print it out!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Handmade holidays

    Well, it's that time of year again for craft shows! So excited about this seasons show line up and all the goodies I've been designing to bring with me! If you can't make it and need a special personalized gift... message me and we'll work that put together! Happy holidays! See you at a show... I hope!