Monday, December 2, 2019

Frank and Bev

So my mom had an episode two days ago that made us think she was having a stroke. It was horrific to watch. He speech was gibberish, she walked very wobbly and could barely stand. She was talking a mile a minute in broken sentences and just plain wacky. Talked to the med tech at their assistant living place who checked her but had no words of wisdom. So I called my dads hospice nurse. She was a bit Leary of  helping or giving me suggestions because she isn’t her patient.
My dad is. But she finally said it sounds like a I called the EMTs. By the time she got to the hospital they wished her in for a cat scan which came back to show either a Stroke or brain clot.
So at her age and because it had been three almost four hours, time was of the essence. It became very confusing doctor talk but the gist was that we had ten minutes to decide if she gets this drug (TPA) that if they are wrong, could mean huge complications that would be catastrophic. There was no time to do more tests.

Time was almost up. So I asked for my son and his girlfriend to come in and help. With their view and the doctors, we chose the drug. Turned out to be the correct choice! Praise God!!! So she was sent to the best hospital around with one nurse per two patients. Fabulous care. Truly. And she has been a trooper. Coming back into her current normal of pleasantly happy and a bit forgetful. 

So last night she became very jumpy. Pulling at the wires and tubes. Combative. Angry. We both got zero sleep and she asked me the same question over and over about how the lights in the hall needed to be turned off. That she made the wrong decision in coming here. That the staff was full
Of crap and not helping. On and on and on. 

So since neither of us got any sleep, I read articles on dementia and how to handle them with the loss of a loved one. Because no matter how much I want to be here for my mom, my main concern is to get home for my dad. He’s on his final path here in this world and he seems to be in such pain. The family has taken turns caring for him and been amazing but I wanna be with him.
I want her to be with him❤️

So I read about music and dementia. I had heard this but I thought, how good could it really be? Well, let me tell ya. Frank Sinatra is singing right now on Pandora. The whole time I have been typing this, she has calmed down and fell back to sleep. I know she is super tired so that’s part of it but the music did sooth the soul! So wonderful. Thanks Frank. I’m gonna use music from now on.

And now, I’m going to sleep until the doctor comes and hopefully gives us the go ahead to go home.

Stay tuned for my next entry about a dad I never knew....

Dementia and me

So here I am back to blogging. Why? Diarrhea of the mouth. Someone told me that’s what I  experiencing with my mom and her dementia and now my dad in hospice as his final days approach. I just need to talk and I have exhausted my allotted time with my friends. And posted one too many personal posts on Facebook. So here I have landed. My art blog. Pretty funny that what brings me back here is my parents decline. The more they slip, the further I slip too. So here I will post tidbits to remember, help me and maybe help someone else who has been up all night with a parent in the hospital asking the same question of me over and ever every five minutes....” can’t that waitress turn the lights out”. 
.Next post...

Frankie Baby!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

The royal wedding

  Who else was up at at 1:30am to watch the duke and duchess of Sussex get married? I was!!! 

   I'm a royals fanatic. And I learned that Meghan used to do calligraphy for wedding invitations professionally. I loved that. And speaking of calligraphy... I just finished lesson four of my Lettering with Lindsay class. Have you signed up yet?

   We're having so much fun. Lessons 1-3 are currently available in my Etsy shop at .  Lesson four launches June 1st. I highly recommend taking the lessons in order. 1-5 are all based on practical printing and lessons 6-10 will be curly cursive based. I hope you'll all sign up and share this with any friends who might be interested.  Here's the link....

Happy Wedding weekend. Ain't love grand❤️

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Lettering with Lindsay

Well, only 2 plus years in the making and I finally did it. Lettering with Lindsay is finally a reality!!!

Check it out NOW in my Etsy shop!!!!
There will be ten lessons in all but lessons one thru three are currently available. It's a lot of fun and I promise you're going to become a good letterer after taking the class and doing the homework ... aka practicing! So come join the class.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Too much happy....

So here are some photos of Happy ... too much to speak of right now. But here's a few...

1. New fabric line with Adorn it coming soon


2. New stitching monthly kit club of appliqué and stitching a girl a month from Just Another Button Co. 


3-100. Road tripping with my folks to do biz in LA and back home up highway 395 to the Alabama Hills... their favorite spot...

(My dad with his barber of 45 years who is 82 now! We went in a hugging tour where we went and hugged and left and went on our way )



Hope your weekend is filled with Happy!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Five Pieces of Happy


... Here we are, third day in a row for blogging. Yippie! I've decided to combine my needing to spill my thoughts here on the blog with my art. Up until now it's just been art mostly. I just feel the need to write. So here we go.

   I'm thinking, after a lot of the comments I have gotten on my last few posts , that a lot of you are in the same place as me lately. A bit of needing to just find a little happy in your day. It's there. I know it is. You just have to know where to look for it and how to find it. So, as you go through your day there will be obvious signs of Happy and those will bring a smile to your face immediately.... others you might just overlook as just a normal happy and still others you may overlook all together and later in the day, those thoughts come back as amazing happy things❤️

   So here I go. I may not always share but today, I will. It was a bummer of a day but at the end... I had some happy things come into my mind. 

1. The amazing deep blue sky and huge white puffy clouds in the sky
2. Chocolate milkshakes and cheetos
3. My new fabric lines were launched today at the St Louis Quilt Market. 6 sunshine girls styles!!!
4. I get five days in a row off starting now!
5. Doing art as therapy❤️
    ... like below. Art heals - Jenny Doh says that. And I believe in art more than anything else! So 

 So... this is what I propose. That you find five things that made you happy in a day. Or five thoughts that make you happy. Write them down. Take photos of them. Draw them. Or just jot them in a piece of paper. Soon you'll have ten happys in a day and then soon... your day will be filled with happy.

Sound good? Ok, who's with me?
Use this hash tag when sharing...
Use that whenever you post to instagram or Facebook. I'm gonna start a Facebook page for a group for us Sunshine Girls....

Oh and speaking of sunshine girls 


My line of fabric was released today at the St Louis Quilt Market with Adorn it❤️❤️❤️ When I get more pics... you'll get to see them. But I have six styles of Sunshine Girls fabric. I'm so excited. This made me over the moon happy!!!!

So let's get happy!!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Better days

 And... with a good sleep and a better day at work, I am back to my old self... almost. I am drawing again. Not what I would consider to be some if my best... but the ideas are flowing again. I had three jobs to finish sh tonight for clients and then I did this for me. I saw this quote on someone's instagram feed and thought it was fitting. All is well. I hope it is with you too!