Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"where did you get your creativity"

 So, i know this is an art blog mostly... but I just wanted to 
give a shout out to my mom. I know it's not mothers day or anything yet, 
but she is just so awesome. She ( and my dad ) are the reason I have
this insane creative passion running through my brain! When I was growing
up, we did alot of sewing. She sewed clothes with patterns and I would take all the 
scraps and make something of them. Or my dad would be printing 
photos and have extra mat board and I would take it out of the trash 
and draw all over it. We made all my birthday cakes, we make 
silly halloween costumes - like a hobo and a gypsy with just junk, she took
me to craft classes at a local hobby store doing silly dipped hippy 
flowers ( remember those?) , she crochet me thousands of floppy
hats ( i was the queen of the floppy hat)..... and so much more.
 Did i forget to say that she is beautiful? Shes that tall middle child in the pic
above with her two sisters. And here in her high school photo. Plus me with my mom
and dad in a re-make of a famous Frank Zappa picture....hahaha....
Anyway, I was doing an interview for a group that I will be the 
featured artist in this April and one of the questions was where did your
creativity come from. I guess it might be inherited... 
but being adopted, i am not 
I do know that my birth sister was an artist and published books like 
me.... but I fully believe that growing up with a creative mom and dad in 
a creative household made me creative. So... if you don't do crafts with your 
kinds and you don't have art in your house DO THEM AND GET SOME. 
Imerse yourself and your kids in crafts, art, journaling... whatever.
Hug your mom and your dad.
and if you can't hug them...
Call them!!!
if they are "unavailable"
( as my friend Karen says about her late dad)
Just look up and say... thank you!
Cherish the memories!!!
And go get your craft on.
to see more of my video interview...
request to join the group
Featured Artist on the page April of 2015

PS... wanna win a big pocket full of happy mail bits and 
pieces and cards and stickers and... and....?
I cleanned out my cardmaking box and i have a big envelope
of goddies to pass along. So, comment and tell me what rocker tool
a family photo like mine. I will choose one lucky winner at
random on the 1st of April.
whatcha waiting for? Leave a comment!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

today's the day!

If you have already chosen to be a part of 
National Letter Writing Month 
The emails have been sent out and your 
pen pal awaits in your inbox.
If you are an international writer...
those names went out a week or so ago.
Please make sure mail arrives no earlier 
than APRIL 1st, 2015
questions or issues...?

thanks folks
here's hoping for a fun filled 
National Letter Writing Month!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

a new month
 a new month of challenges thanks to
Ello Lovey!
I wasn't going to play because I am just so busy.
So, i decided to just doodle, don't get too involved.
yeah, right.
this is day one.
March 1st...
it took me all night....
I got nothing else accomplished but i am so 
overly addicted to this challenge.
I hearby pledge to do simpler doodles this month.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

winner winner

Happy Saturday!!!
We have a winner on 
my last post....
 who commented on the 
Good Night Moon piece
Life Among the Trees....
you are the winner!!!!!
and get to choose which piece you woud 
like me to send you....
just need to email me at

for playing!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

black and white and yummy all over.... with Inchie Arts and RubberMoon

 I am proud and happy to share with you
the new BLACK sqaures
from Inchie Arts!!!

I have teamed up with them and RUBBERMOON 
rubber stamps. You aren't gonna see any of the stamped
images here... so, you will have to hop on 
over to

I'm not going to lie... I am a much better doodler with pens
than I am a stamper. I love all the pieces I did but all 
that you see here are doodled using the SIGNO white pens and the
KURETAKE ZIG painty twin gold / silver pen.
More with the GOLD part on Rubbermoon's blog
And... of course, PRISMACOLOR pencils. The 
soft coloring quality of these on black is a dream!

Ok... so if you made it down this far....
you are looking for the GIVE AWAY!!!
check the pieces here on my blog and choose your favorite
then , check the stamped pieces on RUBBERMOON'S BLOG
and choose your favorite
then...tell me what your favorite stamp of mine you like
( you can buy all the stamps HERE also, you know! )
comment ( with a way to contact you... like an email )
all those answers
and you will be entered in to win!
Good Luck and enjoy this 
mini blog hop!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sneek Peek

Join me 
for a fun joint blog venture
February 25th
we will be showing the 4"black squares
stamped art on the 
hand drawn art
over here on my blog
you can buy all the stamps 
featured on these squares
that I used for this blog post
and that I drew myself...
over at my etsy shop!

( psst... and don't tell anyone but i am doing a little give away in honor of this blog post... details to follow)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

back up to the art....

Up early this morning finishing up backing up my entire computer.
I have a litte issue with it and it's headed to the Mac Doctor for 
a few days. I am a bit worried. I know that everything is 
backed up... but just the same... it's unsettling.

Since I have been going through all my files, I have noticed 
that this month's art has a great new look to it. I really like where it's headed.
I have an agent now, for those that don't know, an art agent.
She is taking my work and presenting it to 
gift companies to license it. Pretty exciting stuff!
Plus I have chosen to just be happy... no matter what.
And man oh man,  what a difference that makes.

All these pieces were done for a doodle challenge I am 
taking part in and for the documented life challenge ( art to the 5th )
I have been drawing daily for the entire month of February and I do feel that 
anytime you can do your craft everyday... you get better with each day. 
Sometimes I am drawing or doodling several times a day.
Right now, it's an addiction.
And I love every minute of it.
Enjoy what you do everyday!