Wednesday, June 3, 2020

New coloring pages

Sadly, I have turned my quotes from shelter in place motivation to more of a tolerance theme. I will stop at 100 drawings no matter where we are as a people then. The first 70 of these are available in a new e-coloring book for FREE on my new website. Have you been there yet??? No? Head on over. Look around, subscribe and get some freebies!
Be a good human 🖤

Monday, June 1, 2020

The new website is OPEN!!!

The new website is open and ready to view and shop from!

I have lots of original art and more to come this week. The website will also be a home landing spot for my classes and news on upcoming events with me. 
Pictured here is one of my new bitty bags that will make their debut later this week. These will be in the originals by Lindsay shop and are one of a kind pieces. 

I hope you check it out and let me know what you think, please. 

Thursday, May 28, 2020

New website

Guess what’s coming June 1 of 2020? My new website. Thanks to my wonderful son and the help of Makers Tech U.... I’m finally going to have my own website. It’s going to have original art by me and projects for me and freebies from me and everything in Lindsay’s world. So get ready here it comes. Bookmark the page creator of will open June 1 of this year just a few short days away. And super excited

Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Travels with Lindsay
New Virtual Online Class
starting June 15th thru July 20th

We will begin our adventure with the creation of our travel journal the first week of our virtual vacation. You will be given a passport with your reservation to access our private Facebook group. This is where all your travels will begin. We will virtually journey together every Monday at 9am PST for 6 weeks. 

Your itinerary will include...

1 hour minimum of lessons every Monday - but like every great      there may be detours along the way. Most good trips take us off the beaten path! So watch for additional travel days.
..... we will do some moonlight hikes (aka , after hours videos for you essential workers and all the daytime lives will be saved to rewatch anytime)

Next, construction of a simple travel junk journal with scavenger hunts around your home for papers and postcards to fill your pages.

Your passport to adventure will be filled with weekly downloads of traveling related doodles, games and ephemera to fill your journal

Tips, techniques and travel related lessons to complete your travel journal. We’ll explore a little lettering, coloring, distressing, and creating off the beaten path.

Collecting of souvenirs from tourist traps along the way and grab bag give aways, along the way.

Fun campfire stories of traveling together.


Reservations begin May 18th
with early bird reservations thru May 25th
Reservations close June 1st... no exceptions 

sign ups and your passport to fun in my Etsy store 
begin May 18th 

you will receive a packet with your password to join the Facebook group with your materials at sign up.

The Facebook group will be open forever but only active with new content for 6-8 weeks.

Wanna travel virtually with Lindsay, your tour guide... this summer?
early bird reservations  $50
after May 25th - reservations will be $60

.... supplies needed 
     basic scrapbooking / paper crafting tools
       ( scissors, adhesive etc ) 
     chipboard or card board for book cover
     papers to fill your pages to include - scrapbook papers,
       .maps, tickets , ledger sheets ,old book pages , columar
       .pad pages, brown bags, postcards, envelopes etc... 
        we will chat about these in the 
       group before the trip begins.
     2-3 d rings
     yarns, twines, ribbons 
     ephemera and bits of fun to embellish your book
            ( shop your house. Let's think outside the box ) 

because it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. 

 - your tour guide, Lindsay

Sunday, May 10, 2020

My mom❤️

Happy Mother’s Day... 2020
It’s been nearly 60 days since the corona virus has put distance between my mom and I. Today is Mother’s Day and I miss her beyond belief! So I write this for her. I will share these memories with her via phone today. I am the keeper of her memories these days as hers are all gone. 😔

Some of my favorite mom memories...

. that time when she helped me clean my bedroom and we accidentally threw away one of my journals and she took me to the dump to look for it.

. that time when I got married to that other guy and she offered me $10,000 to not marry him. On my wedding day. 

.that time she hid our Christmas gifts in the trunk of her XKE jag and I found them. And got caught.

. that time she challenged my ex to a tennis match. Singles . He was a tennis pro and she loved the game. She beat his ass. Badly. 

. that time when she took me and 4 friends to my first concert at the Hollywood bowl. Elton John. Someone passed  a joint down the row. My mom took it and kept passing it down the isle.  Smooth.

. that time when I got divorced and we had to go to court because the ex sued me for half of my store. Funny thing, we had only been in biz for less than a year and we had a loss. I had no clue what that meant. She did. She put the store into a corporation.... so he actually owed is $1,800. Classic

. that time she taught me to sew, and embroider, and knit . and crochet and balance my checkbook.

. that time a few days ago when she told me that she just talked with the other Lindsay and that she was getting married to some guy and headed on a plane to Flagstaff. And the next minute said she couldn’t talk to me because she was meeting my dad for dinner.... sad but true. 

. that time she and my dad paid $745 and bought me from vista Del Mar adoption agency , took me home and had no money to buy a crib, so I slept in a dresser drawer for a year.  Thank You. 

My mom is the reason I am the creative being that I am. Creativity was abundant in our house. I am grateful for that. My mom is the reason my store succeeded for 30 plus years. She kept columnar pad bookkeeping and made it look easy. My mom was a

so Cal bowling campion, put my dad thru led school, played some mean women’s baseball and is still right about everything, to this day. My mom loved my dad for 74 years and still is looking and waiting for him to come home, daily.  I miss my mom everyday. Dementia is a horrible disease and I would not wish it upon anyone. Wish I could be with my mom today. Damn Covid and a lock down.....  love you mom. So much. 

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Rona Corona and Cyrus Virus

Day 41....
About 10 years ago or so, I created a flat Fanny (pictured here) to be a friend to flat Stanley . If you had kids or grandkids around then, you knew him. Teachers gave him to kids to color and take with them wherever their adventures took them and they would take pics of him having fun in cool places.

Fast forward to pandemic time.

I thought Fanny and Felix ( my flat folks) needed some pals. Meet Rona  Corona and Cyrus Virus. Color them, cut them out, assemble them and take them wherever you go- around the house, yard or neighborhood during this nutso time. Think elf on the shelf. Take pics and share! They have their own hashtags so please use them so we can track their wackadoodle adventures. 
Kids and adults!
Included are the original vintage fanny, Felix and Freida too!
Please share with any and all stuck at home during this crazy time. They were started by myself as a happy place when this all began as a replacement for spending my days with my mom in her memory care facility. Once the lock down started, I felt lost. I laid around in bed for five days. Five days too long. So I created these for you all and for me to keep busy. Please share them with friends, family, teachers, kids... anyone who could use cheer right now.

* These are only for your own PERSONAL use. They are not meant to be copies and sold for any reason with written permission from  Me. 

Monday, April 27, 2020

Mother’s Day coloring cards

Here you go! Download and print these free coloring cards for kids and adults alike. It’s a weird year for everyone but we don’t want to gnome our great mamas❤️

These are only for your own PERSONAL use. They are not meant to be copies and sold for any reason without my permission. Thank you