Friday, April 17, 2015

artsy fartsy mail artists....

 I have been slacking off  a bit at getting some of your 
amazing mail posted....
sorry about that. 
But here is some goodness for the week.
Above a lovely envelope from Ann to Sooz
 Above is a letter that one of 16 folks got from one of their
little kid pen pals. Some of us offered to partner up with some
kiddos at a school back east. This is from a 7 year old!
so so sweet!!
 a plethora of goodness from
many of you to Sherry
 a lovely watercolored tulip from Mona 
to pen pal Tanya
 My favorite mail from this week was from Sharon to VIcky...
hard to see here... but she sent her a vinyl record album and yup
it sent just like this. A plastic easter egg mailed just like this 
with a strip of curled paper that was the letter, a brag book
also sent just taped up like this with bits about Sharon inside each
page.... and down in front is a quilted letter. She wrote the letter, printed 
it on muslin and Quilted the whole thing. Sharon has always put
the rest of us to shame with her creativness
 more goodness from Letizia
this mail made it all the way to ITALY!!!
 Annette from the UK has sent some 
awesome mail to Jenn Byrd
THis sweet little cup is being shipped out 
to Sharon just like it is shown here.
And yes, those are the new letter writing month
postage stamps. Enjoy this weeks mail!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

and still more mail!

 Some fabulous new pieces of mail to share with you all
These two pretty in pink pieces are from
Kathie to Terrie

 Debra sent her pen pal some washi tape 
and she sent her some pretty pieces back
 a whole bed full of mail above
 one of the washi tape cards from Kathie
 I too got one of these lovelies...
a piece of art from Jennifer to Debra
Last piece is some art coming to some lucky 
letter writers from Rachel...
who is watercoloring some postcards.


There are still some letter writers who have not heard from their pen pals
and we are nearing the middle of the month. Please, oh please...
if you haven't written yet... take a moment and write to your 
pen pal. They are waiting and wanting mail.

and keep on writing!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

You've Got Mail!

Above is Rhonda's newly decorated PO Box,
in honor of National Letter Writing Month!
So so cool

 Above is a pile of mail that Jenn ( below ) sent 
to her in England!
That's some letter lovin'

And here ( ablove ) is Jenn with a sweet Air Mail
letter from her pal Nettie!

 And... another pile of mail above from Jenn
And Below is a sweet hand drawn note 
from Susan to Cory....

Below is a sweet postcard with a gorilla from
Audrianne to Debra

And a bit more letter loving from around the globe
for Debra!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter mail JOY!!!!

 Fun Easter and Passover Weekend Mail.
some of my art for you with a sweet little bunny
mail from Joy and Cory

 above ... a letter from Jan with a wonderful
stamped envelope

 a wonderful little booklet 
all about me - from pen pal Ann

 the sweet Oh Happy Day card that was made
by pen pal Jan

 Some great envelopes....

 above is some Frog mail from old pen pal
Sharon. She was Claudia's pen pal a few years 
back and yet she still remembers her favorite things....
and sends her frogs in earrings, fabric and more!

 a pretty little egg for Easter letter writing above

and these two cute chicks 
with mail from Mary...
the one in the glasses is Debra.

and last but not least...
more art from me on this glorious 
Easter and Passover weekend.
My mailbox has been FULL of mail from all of you 
madness players... did you not know that I was not playing
this year? Silly Rabbit... letter writing is for ALL! I am sure that's
what you are all thinking. Thanks... and

Saturday, April 4, 2015

You've Got Mail!

Such a cute picture of letter writer
Debra with a card from her pen pal Kelly
below is Debra with her cards
(she is the little girl version of herself in the background~)

 Some of you are sharing 
your wonderful trips to the mailbox....
Above is Debra sharing mail from Martha

 This is from Rachel who lives in Northern California
and I think from this peek at a return address
and the clue of the "outback"
that her pen pal is from Austrailia!

 Below is a little bit 
of spring happiness that miss Sherry
got from Martha, Kelly and one other pen friend

This tube of Easter goodness
was sent to Sherry from her pen pal

Look at all those Easter treats!!!
What did you get from your pen friend?
email me at

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

the first day of mail......

 Hey Letter Writing Fans.... 
here is what was in my email when I got home today from work. I am not sure what is what here .... so folks when you send me pictures, please send me what it is that you received and who you received it from. So... above... is from Jenn Byrd
 These two pretties...
are from Rachel in Berkely
Not sure if she received or sent these but they are pretty
 And this is how it's done folks... This is Ellen, holding up her mail for the day
from Marti... and she is wearing her ever appropriate bunny ears.
That makes me very hoppy!!!
Keep those cards and letters coming...
and don't forget ... white out or cover up the address so we can't read them.
But i would love to see more!!! 
we have a winner from 
my last blog contest for happy mail
Yippie... email me your address and i will send your goodies

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

and so it begins!

 So for the past few years my friend Vicky, who works
next door to me at the Post Office box store... has seen all the amazing
mail that I send and several other letter writers.
FINALLY... we brought her over to the dark side and I told her a little story
about her pen pal, Sharon Litvinoff.
 Not 10 minutes after I told her that Sharon is a pen pal that likes 
to send clear tubes and cylindars with goodies inside and that she is a master
at mail art... that i hear a knock on the window where I work and it's Vicky -
with this super cute soda bottle and all these goodies inside
from Sharon! So cool, right?
She was so so excited but i think you can see that by her face in this picture!
She is not opening it until tomorrow to read the letter...
but how could I resist taking this cute pictures
on the eve of National Letter Writing Month.
So.... let the mail mayham begin!
Happy Mail!!!