Friday, February 5, 2016

Update on Superman....

Well, February might be the heart month.
And I am continually drawing hearts -
although most look like the cute comical type.
This month... It's my honey's heart.
He has been through the ringer and today was no exception.

Last month, we spent nine days in the hospital after it seeming like he had a stomach flu after 5 days of violent throwing up and weight gain of about 25 pounds. He was brought into the ER from his doctors with a heart rate of 240. It stayed in that range for 6 days while they fought off a horrible liver infection. Not related in anyway to the heart issue. But we had to treat it before going on and dealing with his heart. So 6 days later... after the infection was gone, they found that he had an Atrial Flutter and gave him a procedure called an Ablation. It helped almost instantly. Released after that and down nearly 40 pounds.... we went home. That made my heart happy!

Today... he woke up feeling like he had a skin tab on his shoulder. Weird. I looked at it and Holy crap if it wasn't a TICK! Are you kidding me? After all he's been through. Must have picked it up off the dog, or the wood pile or really anywhere in our forest. That's the last thing he needed. I pulled it off and kept it in a baggie. He had a stress test this afternoon at the heart doc's. The nurse there helped me package it ( Mr. Tick ) up to send to the lab. Phew. Dodged a bullet there.... we hope. Results will be in, in 5 days. However... the heart doc is married to a dermatologist. Go figure. He took a pic and sent it to his wife.... no worries, she says. Can you say " what next"? We are DONE! No more. We cannot take it.

Stress test went great. Back to work in a few weeks! Only one more test to make sure the liver was not damaged from all of this. Man oh man... I am beat. He is beat. We are ready for some good news  to come through.... please oh please. So.... while we celebrate the month with healthy heart foods, a new exercise program and lots of hearts... we begin to live the new normal.

Thank you to all of you who sent notes, prayed for us and sent well wishes. It all worked. We heard you and it came through loud and clear. Thank you. However... I am about a month behind in the progress on my first online class. Hang in there! It's front and center in my mind and I am working on it whenever time allows. I think it will go smoothly from here out
Thanks for your patience and understanding!
Celebrate this month of hearts by doodling hearts, baking heart cookies,
hugging your favorite beating heart
and taking care of your heart!
It's all you get....

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

stamps just listed on etsy....

 Valentines is coming!!!
February 14th
and I have just listed a whole bunch of sweet
Valentines stamps that I designed for 
Impression Obsession Stamps
Check them out...

This one above is sweetheart sally

 This one above is one of my favorites
so much fun to color!

This is one of my classic designs
So fun also to color!

And last but certainly not least
and there are lots more being added all week long
So take a look!
Happy Stamping!!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Superman Update.....


It's been a full week since I brought my honey home from the hospital. It's been a rough week, as I had to get back to work on Monday but he's in good hands.... his! Hahaha. Seriously though, i thought I should give a final update for him. He had an ablation due to Atrial Flutter that was brought on by a very severe liver infection. What caused that? Well, even the CDC doesn't know. They ran all kinds of tests that all came back negitive. All we know for sure... is if he didn't have the liver infection... he might not be here now. It was a very odd thing that happened. He went almost 9 days without eating. He was 9 days in the hospital and list a bunch of weight. We are now on a heart friendly diet... yup, I did say WE. It's tough but it will end up being good for both of us. Thank you so much for all of your support. It's meant the world to myself and Brent. And now... we are getting used to the new normal. It will be a long while before he goes back to work. So, just as I did two years ago... I have immersed myself into several large projects. I will tell you more about those later.

One great thing happened this week. Adornit has finally listed my Art Play Calendar Girls planner, stickers and washi tape! Yippie. So, you can get yours on their website and follow along with me and my planner on my facebook page - Lindsay Ostrom . creator of cuteness. It's pretty cool... you go to the Adorn it website and I have my own tab... it's under, Lindsay Ostrom... of all the silly things.

Well, the next cool thing that I have begun work on is a project I had all sketched out about a year ago. And well.... Someone beat me to it.  I wanted to do a coloring book with my favorite topic, swear words. And now there is one circulating all over social media. Of course. But oh well, I'm doing it anyway.... so just know, this is an ADULT coloring book. Not for the kiddies!!!
 It's a Potty Mouth Play Project book. Nothing too graphic. All cute little pics with some silly swear word phrases. It's available now for pre-order on my ETSY Site..... so , take a risk and if you are a user of these silly words... and a fan of coloring... well, this might just be for you!
check it out here.

again... this is not for everyone. I know that. But, It's something I had fun with and well... take it or leave it. Either way... it was fun for me to create. I am also in the process of 100 new stamp images for summer for IMPRESSION OBSESSION, I am writing a new lettering book that should be done this summer, I am finishing up my online workshop ( Lettering with Lindsay ) , I am doing some new coloring pages for The Coloring Studio magazine and I am sure, I have forgotten something or other. Anyway, when the shit hits the fan... throw yourself into your work. That's the best advice I can give to get over something super hard. This is the third time in two years that we have been dealt a bad hand.... and we are gonna make it through this one also. Here is wishing you all peace..... 
This year has got to get better from here....

Monday, January 11, 2016

when life gives you lemons....

Well.... it's true...
"when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"
or maybe throw them back at someone!
Because I am tired of lemons!!!
This week has kicked my ass....
and for sure my hubs ass!
He has felt sick for a few weeks, kinda flu like symptoms - nausia and just not right. Then he started to get shortness of breath and racing heart and hard to breathe. So finally... I made him go to the doctor. Now we know what signs to look for next time and to listen to your heart.
One emergency room stay, two ambulance rides, two heart shocks to get the rhythm down to a semi normal pace, labs off to Center for Disease Control and 6 days and counting in the Cardiatric Care Unit......

 Everything gets canceled, everything get's put on hold. All that matters is what's in the moment. And this moment is NOW and all about him. We have to get a handle on this and nothing else matters. We have very few answers still. Some type of infection that attacked the heart but they also say it could be two completely unrelated issues.
So.... here we sit.

While he sleeps.... i am working on new art for summer stamps, looking at pretty pictures online of my planner at the CHA show ( crafts and hobbies association ) and looking at folks pictures of what new goodies are out there at CHA.
However... that being said... the timeline for me to get my videos and downloadable sheets all complete for the LETTERING BY LINDSAY first online class...
has taken a back seat to my honey bunny.
Sometimes what really matters is 
just this.
Be Here Now....
and that I am doing.
So forgive me if i am off schedule for the classes
stay tuned...
they will get done, just a bit later....

Monday, January 4, 2016

Play Party's with Lindsay at CHA!!!!

It's show season!
This week, I will be headed off to the CHA show - Crafts and Hobbies Association. That's where we buyers and store owners go to buy the latest and the greatest new products to share with all of you. I will be buying like a crazy woman to fill the shelves at Ben Franklin, where I work. But I get tow play two roles this time. I also get to show off my new CALENDAR GIRLS planners from ADORNit. They are going to let me host a fun little coloring party!
( BTW... planners are shipping!!! Finally! )
So.... if you are attending CHA
( you have to be a designer or a merchant to attend)
come and play with us!!!
 I will be at Adornit's booth on the 10th - this Sunday from 1 to 3pm! We are gonna color some of my art play paintables and have some lunch time fun!
not attending the show but love to color and play with planners? Then you can join me in my after hours Pop Up Play Party. I plan on taking over the second floor of the Hilton and sharing planners, coloring pages and whatnot. Should be quite a hoot! I'm just hoping there are some chairs and a place to sit. Last year we met in the bar and it was too dark and noisy. So we shall see.....
need more info????
email me -

Sunday, January 3, 2016


It's finally happening
the first in a series of 
lettering and doodling workshops
by me!!!
March 2016
( or sooner, depending on 
how quickly i get my act together...hehehe)
stay tuned!