Sunday, June 28, 2015

more about rainbows

    Just a bit more about rainbows this week. It's been a historic week in America and I rarely mix politics and art... and that's about all i will say about it. I am passionate about three things in politics and they all have to do with love... and hate. Again, not gonna get into it... but those that know me know that I will fight to the end and defend all three. The only time i ever joined a protest line was in college for one strong woman's right related point and I was a part of Hands Across America in the 80's for one other strong point. And now, i will just show my true colors in my art. I hope that whomever you are you are able to love in everyway you choose. I hope that as a women, wherever you are you are in control of your own body and I hope that you also have the right to say NO and no means NO without having a drug tell you otherwise... That's all....
Happy day. 
Live Life in COLORS!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Searching for Rainbows...

   I have had a hard last couple of months and it doesn't seem to be getting any easier. When that happens, I submerge myself into my art and my writing. I am not focused on any one thing and my brain is kinda floating all over the place. I am participating in the Daisy Yellow's Index Card a Day challenge and that's what these little 3x5 gems come from. This is about the only place I can focus. I get a prompt and I do the work. Easy Peasy!

    I have come to the decision that I am tired of making decisions. I am also tired of trying to be a grown up. This past week, I have had to pass on an opportunity that is kind of a dream offer just because it's kinda out there and not a sure thing. I have also had to make some decisions that just don't seem to be what my heart tells me to do. I guess we all go through this. For me, I can't seem to get out of it lately. Thank goodness for my hubs who looks at life so simply. So black and white. You get up, you go to work, you come home and that's your happy time and you repeat. For me... I have a crazy artists mind so that method doesn't work. I always think there should be something else. Something more.  So, again... I throw myself into my art. 

 Usually, if I put things in writing, I stick to them. Gonna try that again here. I am going to work on my lettering books and coloring books. There. That's simple, direct and to the point. I am also going to look for a happy place.  Not sure how to find that daily, when being an adult gets in the way. The funny thing is that I don't feel grown up. All i want to do is create. That's it. So , I guess that where I have to focus. Thanks for listening. You guys are good listeners... hahaha.  Anyway... I highly recomend a challenge - the Daisy Yellow is the one for me right now. Give it a look see!

Happy Summer everyone!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Houston, we have a winner!

 Houston we have a winner!!!
Thanks to all that played in this contest with myself
and ADORNit for the fun
TWO lucky winners have been chosen!!!
 Drum Roll Please.....
amd the winners of a full set of 
ADORNit's super fun 
Joanne Walton
Terri Langer~~~
Just email me your address and the nice folks 
over at ADORNit will send them right out to you.
Thanks for playing.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Last... but not least is the contest going on thru this weekend for ADORNit. Carolee from ADORNit is giving away two full sets of my art play paintables ( shown above ) for anyone who REPOST this post with the hashtag #LOVEADORNIT - on either instagram or facebook. Simple as that. So... I will choose a winner on Sunday the 21st at Midnight! So... if you don't know about ART PLAY PAINTABLES... head over to ADORNit and check them out. So cute... if i do say so myself. And I just got done designing ones for Fall, Halloween and Christmas. 

So let's review.... You wanna win, right? So, copy and paste this link and repost it. That's the first thing to do. Next... in your post... on facebook or on instagram... you will need to tag us with a hashtag... #LOVEADORNIT  and then, you will be entered in to win. A full set of the cool ART PLAY PAINTABLES! THey will come from the cool ladies at ADORNit.

When do you need to do this? Well.... before Sunday night at Midnight. This week. That's fathers day... the 21st. So get a move on and enter this one. Don't know what Art Play Paintables are.... well, you just saw them here. Want more? Go to the ADORNit website and get some for yourself!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

winner winner chicken dinner!

 Before we get to the winner of my DPL week of Virtual Traveling... a bit of a shameless plug on my part. I have two summer craft fairs coming up, the first being the Prospector Nursery Show this coming  weekend. It's one of my favorites because I get to bring Little Miss Sunshine, my 1960 trailer to set up with me. I have been working on some signs for the weekend and these are just a few that are getting sealed this evening and then they get wire and beads for a hanger. If you are in the area, it would be awesome to have you come on out. The next show is the following weekend.... Treasures and Trailers.... that one should be super fun also with trailers and lots of vintage finds. So excited about these two. Ok.... enough with the shameless plug....

There were 7 of you that commented every day. Thank you so much for playing along. I really apprecite it. The winner is....
congrats miss....
just email me your info at

Last... but not least is the contest going on thru this weekend for ADORNit. Carolee from ADORNit is giving away two full sets of my art play paintables ( shown above ) for anyone who REPOST this post with the hashtag #LOVEADORNIT - on either instagram or facebook. Simple as that. So... I will choose a winner on Sunday the 21st at Midnight! So... if you don't know about ART PLAY PAINTABLES... head over to ADORNit and check them out. So cute... if i do say so myself. And I just got done designing ones for Fall, Halloween and Christmas. 
Ok... have a great week!!!

What's going on in Lindsay Land....

  Those of you that know me, know that I love everything about coloring. About 10 years ago, I created something called Cut and Color's - which I sold at my store and they were designs similar to what you see above. You would color and cut them out to use on scrapbook pages and cards. I kept plugging away at this idea and last year, ADORNit and I partnered with each other to create ART PLAY PAINTABLES. They have been a huge hit everywhere and this fall we will be coming out with ART PLAY PAINTABLES for Fall, Halloween and Christmas. Yippie!!! I cannot wait to start coloring these babies! Should be out in late summer... ask for them at your local craft store!

We are pretty excited about the new goodies! There might be some other fun new products coming from ADORNit and myself soon.... but that will be kept under lock and key for a bit ... hehehe. For now, ADORNit would like to give away TWO FULL SETS of the everyday ART PLAY PAINTABLES - - - so, if you hashtag #loveadornit on instagram or facebook and SHARE this post.... you will be entered in to win one of those sets. The winner will be chosen next week on Sunday the 21st. Thank you all for supporting our fun product. If you own any and want to share what you have done with them, please do so! I would love to see what you do!

 The next piece of exciting news is that I will be a featured artist this coming July in the new Somerset Studios Art Journaling Magazine. That's me on the cover there with the Idiomatic Speech article. And here is the super cool part.... I have not one journal being featured... but two! Both the Idiomatic Speech book and a Fortune Cookie Journal also. You can find this magazine at craft and book stores... or online direct.

Below is one of the pages from my Idiomatic Speech article. . . I am pretty excited to see it in person. The colors look awesome and Somerset Studios always does a great job.

And now for the really exciting news... at least for me. So, for years I have wanted to make a new lettering book. This one has been out of print for awhile. I was looking on Ebay the other day after someone sent me a message that my book was up there for $750!!! And I about fell over when I saw that. So, I decided.... it was time to do another one.

Just like Creedence Clearwater Revival is now Creedence Clearwater Revisited... So will the lettering book. I am going to revisit parts of it and alot of it will be brand spanking new. I figure that I should have it done by January . .  . and I hope to either print it myself, offer it up to a publisher or do it as a download for you all to print. What do you all think about that? Any ideas? Let me know. I am so excited to start this project.... I did the cover this week and need to color it in and then i'm good to go.

That's all the news for now. Yippie!!! It's been a super fun week. If you have been playing along... and left me comments... you can check back tomorrow when I choose a winner. Thanks so so much for following along. 
Check back or subscibe along to see as things progress 
with new products and projects!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Featured artist... The Documented Life

What an honor it was when I was not only asked by the 
Art to the 5th ladies to create some art jounal pages for the month of June but also that I got to have a sponsor with a generous gift of pens and inks to play with. Kuretake / Zig has come to the USA and they are hitting America hard with colorful greatness! 

For those not familiar with The Documented Life, it's an art journaling group that began on facebook a year ago and has since moved to a webpage as Art to the 5th. We - a very large group of art journalers, get a new art prompt each week and have a week to get creative with it. I am a bit behind this year... but not to worry because some days I sit and make several pages at a time and always get caught up. I highly reccomend that if you enjoy journaling and want to challenge yourself that you log on to their page and sign up. It's free and you can start at any time. Give it a try!

 The theme for the month of June is 
The challenge for this week - June 13th- June 20th is
and the prompt is 

I felt like I just won the lotto when Ana from Kuretake called and asked if I would be interested in doing this. She knows how addicted to this craft I am and also how passionate I am about Kuretake. I wrote a little book several years back for them when they were with EK Success called THE ABC'S OF CREATIVE LETTERING and have been a huge cheerleader of their products ever since. But now that they are based in the USA and honestly, in my backyard... they are bringing so much more to the mixed media world. Get ready to have you socks knocked off... because their Gansi Tambi watercolors and the Gold Mica ink kinda sent me into a tailspin. I kinda went a little overboard with these two items.... oh, well... you will see... read on!

Here's a little pic of my loot. Some of these goodies will be shared with a lucky blog winner ( leave me a comment... you will see at the end of the post ).... from H2o brushes, clean color watercolor markers, to my new favorite Mangaka pens and vellum writers , to the Wink of Stella and then those lovely inks and the Gansi Tambi watercolors... Oh my! I need an intervention!
Sumi brush calligraphers use these creamy and rich watercolors in asia... 
here, well I am just playing around and I love them!

And then there is that lovely Gold Mica Ink... This became the basis for my Little Miss Sunshine trailer. If you haven't been following along all week, I highly advise that you look back for the downloadable free template so you can create your own trailer. I just started painting these stripes and knew something would come to me to use them for... and it did. Look at that metallic sheen to that ink. Oh my my.....

 Here is the page that Little Miss Sunshine became a part of. Complete with White Ink 30 dots and mica flake stars... I kinda love this one... not gonna lie!

 I used a little scrap of chinille to create the moon and then went to the sewing machine to secure it down... It came out really fluffy and fun.

 I have been looking for a good black pen to write over whatever I might be using and I think I found 2 of them from Kuretake.... first I picked up the Vellum writer and loved it and moved on to the MANGAKA pens ( from .003 to .05 )... these both well exceeded my wildest dreams. They drew over that Gold Mica Ink and watercolor and I painted with that White Ink 30... which I was blown away by. Anyway... give them a try. They are lovely!

By the way... the propane tank was done using the POSTEMAN pen... another great suggestion for something that writes on anything including plastic. It comes in several point sizes and extra fine is my choice. I own the white, gold and silver but it comes in lots of colors

So, I think I said before that I was generously given lots of differnt things to play with but I did get a bit obsessed with the Gansi Tambi watercolors. I just kept painting paper after paper and creating my own watercolor papers. So, what do you do when life gives you watercolor paper? Cut it up!!! And that I did. And made some trees here...

Used a map, a sewing machine, the Wink of Stella clear glitter pen over the moon, more Gansi Tambi watercolor for my journaling stripes and I think that's the vellum pen for the wording.

So much fun using some Strathmore watercolor paper to just paint and paint. I tried making a map ( above ) but ended up hating it so I cut it up to create stars, circles, trees and other goodies.

My favorite piece I created is below, using the Gansi Tambi watercolor. I had a piece of "under paper" that I kept wiping my brush off on. I always wipe my brush off onto a nice piece of paper and take into account the strokes that I make so that I can use it again. This piece just kind of evolved.  I sprinkled some salt on it when it was wet and then splashed some of the Gold Mica Ink into it... loved it!

I hope that you enjoyed these pages and my techniques. Please follow me here on my blog for more fun and creative ideas, follow me on facebook at
and follow me on instagram at
Thanks to all the Art to the 5th ladies for this fun opportunity and to 
Ana at Kuretake for supplying me with some awesome pens and products to use. This was a dream come true!

If you have been playing along with my blog...
don't forget to leave a comment. 
I will be picking a winner tomorrow
and posting my BIG announcement. 
So excited to share my goals, hopes and 
dreams with all of you and hopefully 
inspire you to get creative!

ALSO... check back through this whole week, i have been posting travel related posts... with a GIVE AWAY. Hope you will check it out and leave me a comment each day... you just might win som Kuretake goodness and some Lindsay Art stuff