Monday, November 30, 2015

Where's Lindsay this holiday season

 If you live in the Northern California area...
here is where I will be selling this season.
The first is this Thursday evening at Elegant Salvage
from 4 to 7pm
this is in Chicago Park off Highway 174... super easy to find and 
great vendors! Come on by

 The next one is Saturday at the Chicago Park School.
They are still looking for vendors for this one. 
Message me if you are interested.
Also in Chicago Park off Highway 174
 Next is the Ben Franklin Sponsored craft fair on 
December 12th. This is one that I help put on and it's a 
really great show in Grass Valley.

Last but not least is my favorite end of season show
on December 20th at the art gallery of 
Beatnik Studios 
in Sacramento
Share this post...
and I hope to see some of you there.
Happy Holidays!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

it's craft fair season!!!

Just wanted to share the first 
of many Holiday Craft Fairs
I will be showing at this season...
The Noel Vintage Market
This coming weekend....
come see ( and buy ) these and many other goodies
from myself and so many talented artists
and vintage collectors!

Friday, November 6, 2015

the ADORNit Art Play Planner...

I hope you are following along with my YOU TUBE videos.
they are free.
they are always posted on fridays.
they are FABULOUS FREE FRIDAY videos....
this week is one on my new planner from ADORNit.
take a look
and subscribe to LINDSAY OSTROM on You Tube

Sunday, November 1, 2015

thirty days of gratitude

 Sometimes I think October is my favorite month with pumpkins, apple picking,
halloween and the first touches of fall. And then November comes. It's hard to choose.
So, it's November `st and I am always reminded of how grateful I am just to be here and to be a good human. So, i am posting this challenge for all of you.


If you do facebook... download these two pics and you can post the top one to your page or your instagram, and the bottom one can be your cover page for facebook. Challenge yourself and others to look for one thing each day. No matter how small or large of a thing it is. Just find one thing that makes you smile. One thing that you don't always see or think of as a thing to be grateful for. One thing that you can journal about, take a photo of or just pass on to someone else as a form of gratitude. 

Here is mine for the day. 

 I will be posting these daily on my instagram page with the hashtag of 
so follow along and post your own too - using that hashtag
or post to your facebook page
or just wake up and realize how great your life is and 
how lucky and grateful we all should feel every day!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fabulous Free Friday video - bat girl

Hopefully you guys are getting the hang of this 
Fabulous Free Firiday Video
thing.... just subscribe to my You Tube channel
and then every Friday, i post a new free video 
on some fun thing that I am 
working on at the moment. This week, i chose a picture from my Halloween
Coloring Book from ADORNit. 
This is my Bat girl and I really
 love the way she turned out. 

There is the under layer of watercolor and then an over layer of watercolor after the underlayer dries.  Then let all that dry and add in detail with colored pencils. I love that part so much! I sewed the entire thing to some scrapbook paper and then added some glitter glue around the stars. I also love a hint of glitter.

Lastly, i go back over the entire piece with micron to add little highlights and shadows in certain areas. I also added the text in her skirt. Love doing wording in girls skirts. So cute. And that's about it. 

I am going to hang her from a wooden skirt / pants hangers, add some ribbons and tulle to it and be done. See... coloring book pages aren't meant to stay in a stuffy book. Get them out of the book
 and bring them to life!
Have fun and color on!
the video will be up on YOU TUBE
on Friday October 23rd....

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fabulous Free Friday Video.....

My coloring books are finally here
from ADORNit
so excited!!!
I personally have three books out...
so on Friday, I will be hosting my free video on these super cool books.

Aside from the fact that my personal favorite book is 
the Halloween book.... 
it's also Halloween season.
So here is little miss Halloween girlie....
I painted her with a waterbrush pen and 

Here she is almost finished with some colored pencil for detail.

So, click on the link in the first part of this message for purchasing 
from ADORNit. Get one or get all three.... and by the way...
they make great gifts.
And... subscribe to my YOU TUBE Channel to not 
miss any of my FREE videos every Friday this year.
2016 will bring (finally) some fun video classes 
that you will be able to purchase and be a real student in. This video will be up this friday October 23rd.
so excited!!!