Saturday, August 1, 2015


 I have been hoping to write a possitive blog post on HOPE and where I personally have been headed recently and then something so sad happened to my sweet friend Danielle who bought my store - The Paper Rabbit. But here goes... because I still have hope. 

We were on advisory evacuation for the past week from my home due to fire. We were, at worst, a mile and a half from the fire and although that is not super close... it's close enough to make you think. And, I had to leave for Salt Lake City for a show for work so the fire got worse while I was gone. 

A strange thing happened to my when I was taking what I could from the house and loading it into the car. I first freaked out, which is totally me. Crying and running in every direction in the house mumbling to myself that I had no idea what to grab first. And with the first few trips to the car with my arms full of photos, a million scrapbooks, videos of kids when they were little... and just a couple of personal things.... A calm came over me.

You have such little control over these wild fires especially where we live. You have to just put your faith in the firefighters and just let go. And that's what I did. We are hoarders, both my husband and I. We love our collections and we have alot of stuff. I have my art, my kids art, my bowl collection, my rabbit collection, my journals, years of vinyl records and books.... so so much. I got what as important to me and then...the calm took over. I grabbed one more thing and was done. My big teddy. My dad gave him to me when I was born / adopted and he is so important to me. 

I think my kids thought I had gone over the deep end with how calm I was. I think in a way, I did too. But it felt freeing and gave me hope. We are no longer in danger - 75% containment and I know that the firefighters will get it mopped up this weekend, so everything is coming back in the house. But not before I take a good look at what I didn't take. Now, my hubs on the other hand reacted in a way I would have never expected. He filled up two cars and a trailer with stuff... tons of stuff. He loves his stuff... hahaha. In his defense, he had three extra days at the house looking stuff over and having an opportunity to make those last minute decisions. But he is in a world of trouble now with my new way of looking at stuff.... we have got to simplify.
   I challenge you all to take a look at your "stuff" and think about what's really important to you. It will really give you a freeing sense of HOPE.
    In the midst of all my new found HOPE, this happened. My sweet friend Danielle bought my old store in So Cal - The Paper Rabbit about 10 years ago. And then... she "pinked" it up. She is a huge lover of pink. A very girly girl. So cute. Well, she got a pink Bug and put the store's logo and name on the side. Kids saw it and loved it. You knew danielle was doing a birthday party somewhere whenever you saw that sweet little VW. Everyone loved it....

   Fast forward to just a few days ago when she was having dinner at a friends and came out to find that someone poured clear lacquer all over it. Totally ruined it. The lacquer got into the engine. Ruined the paint, windshield.... everything. Totalled. HORRIBLE. Who does this stuff? And my HOPE is gone again. Until I started thinking ( and I messaged her but have not heard back yet.... ) if it still runs, let's doodle it up. She needs to just get out the sharpies and the paint pens and fix that baby right up. Show those thugs that all HOPE is not lost .... that with creativity and friends, you can make it even better. It just made me so so sad. She brings happiness to so many. Hang in there Danielle...

And lastly, my newest challenges.... the first of my Doodle A Day challenge with ElloLovey on Facebook - YELLOW was the word for the day. How can you not have hope with the color yellow. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

1000 plus like

I have a little drive this weekend to push my facebook page
up and over 1000 likes.
Well.... as of yesterday I now have well over 1000!
thanks to everyone who liked the page and because of all of that....
I will be hosting a big huge, gigantic
give away starting this weekend!
you should.
You could win something cool....
and in the mean time, 
here is an old ( 9 years plus ) 
piece of coloring art done by me...
see, I was coloring, when coloring wasn't cool!
and... next week, i have a big surprise to 
announce and it has alot to do with 
the new adult coloring craze!
enjoy the rest of summer!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Valentine art in July!

Seems like all I do lately is draw. Big surprise. My husband says that I have a pen attached to one hand and my phone to the other taking pics of what I draw. Every now and then I get outside... not often. I have just completed art for two companies. Everyday, Halloween and Christmas... about 90 images in total for some super sneeky surprise products. This sweet girl is one of 25 images for Valentine Stamps for Impression Obsession. I am now moving on to Spring. I do love it... or I wouldn't do it. I just wish I could do it full time so I wasn't doodling at all God awful hours of the night. But I do work well with deadlines... that part is cool. I now have two weeks to get all the Spring images done and then... onto a few projects that have been floating around in my head for quite some time. I am just so thrilled that I have found a few companies that believe in me and my little doodles enough to see them through to actual products. Yippie. Ok... enough for now. Onto doodling. Hope your Sunday is full of creative dreams and doodles!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

LindsayLand Update....

 Just a quick update on what's coming around the bend...
I have been working tirelessly on a project that is super secret for now. And I am happy to say it's all done. It will have it's debut at the Mixed Media Event in Salt Lake City in a week and then I can tell you more about it... but it will include three new products for AdornIt.... SO EXCITED! If you haven't seen, ordered or colored the ARTPLAY Paintables yet.... click HERE and do so. Everyone is having so much fun with them!

 The rest of my ArtDays have been spent in two ways. 
One... with the Daisy Yellow- Index Card a day challenge. You get a topic and a medium to use and you make an index card a day. Super fun and a quick and easy challenge.

Two... with the Better Lettering Course online... which I must say honestly, was not my favorite class I have done online ever. I really wouldn't recommend it if you really want to learn some fancy lettering. However, it did make me realize that I really need to learn how to work a video camera and editing and get my butt in gear to finally teach some creative lettering online. What do you think? hehehe. Anyhow... my favorite part of this course is the challenge. I have combined the two into one. So yesterday the Index Card a Day challenge was FOCUS and the Better Lettering challenge was PATIENCE...... which, obviously, I needed to FOCUS more on the spelling and less on how the lettering looked. Look close.... which word is wrong? Oh well, i guess I am learning patience one way or another... hahaha!

Enjoy the day!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

more about rainbows

    Just a bit more about rainbows this week. It's been a historic week in America and I rarely mix politics and art... and that's about all i will say about it. I am passionate about three things in politics and they all have to do with love... and hate. Again, not gonna get into it... but those that know me know that I will fight to the end and defend all three. The only time i ever joined a protest line was in college for one strong woman's right related point and I was a part of Hands Across America in the 80's for one other strong point. And now, i will just show my true colors in my art. I hope that whomever you are you are able to love in everyway you choose. I hope that as a women, wherever you are you are in control of your own body and I hope that you also have the right to say NO and no means NO without having a drug tell you otherwise... That's all....
Happy day. 
Live Life in COLORS!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Searching for Rainbows...

   I have had a hard last couple of months and it doesn't seem to be getting any easier. When that happens, I submerge myself into my art and my writing. I am not focused on any one thing and my brain is kinda floating all over the place. I am participating in the Daisy Yellow's Index Card a Day challenge and that's what these little 3x5 gems come from. This is about the only place I can focus. I get a prompt and I do the work. Easy Peasy!

    I have come to the decision that I am tired of making decisions. I am also tired of trying to be a grown up. This past week, I have had to pass on an opportunity that is kind of a dream offer just because it's kinda out there and not a sure thing. I have also had to make some decisions that just don't seem to be what my heart tells me to do. I guess we all go through this. For me, I can't seem to get out of it lately. Thank goodness for my hubs who looks at life so simply. So black and white. You get up, you go to work, you come home and that's your happy time and you repeat. For me... I have a crazy artists mind so that method doesn't work. I always think there should be something else. Something more.  So, again... I throw myself into my art. 

 Usually, if I put things in writing, I stick to them. Gonna try that again here. I am going to work on my lettering books and coloring books. There. That's simple, direct and to the point. I am also going to look for a happy place.  Not sure how to find that daily, when being an adult gets in the way. The funny thing is that I don't feel grown up. All i want to do is create. That's it. So , I guess that where I have to focus. Thanks for listening. You guys are good listeners... hahaha.  Anyway... I highly recomend a challenge - the Daisy Yellow is the one for me right now. Give it a look see!

Happy Summer everyone!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Houston, we have a winner!

 Houston we have a winner!!!
Thanks to all that played in this contest with myself
and ADORNit for the fun
TWO lucky winners have been chosen!!!
 Drum Roll Please.....
amd the winners of a full set of 
ADORNit's super fun 
Joanne Walton
Terri Langer~~~
Just email me your address and the nice folks 
over at ADORNit will send them right out to you.
Thanks for playing.