The Documented Life Project



 I am participating in one of the most fun challenges ever. It was started by 5 talented artists and put up as a challenge on their blogs. The Documented Life is a combination of art journaling, a datebook / yearly planner and a scrapbook. Perfect. This is for me, thought. Well.... 4000 people and counting so far thought the same thing.

and Barbara Moore 
make up the uber talented team.
Each week, they post a challenge and we strive to meet it.

So much fun, this is just what I needed. Although, now i am 
a bit obessessed. Which can be a good thing. Very inspiring.
But i have to get back to real life...hehehe

Enjoy some of my pages... 
I am working on a short video taking you though my book...

This piece below was a challenge for a doodled border...
I am all about doodling
it's in my blood... hahaha!

The Documented Life Project

by Lindsay Ostrom - 2014


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous... more videos puhleeze :) Beth

Ann said...

Saw a link through Pinterest... Love your pages! I am doing a DLP too.

Kelsey Smith said...

This is so inspiring !!!