Sunday, April 15, 2012

snail mail love

 Just a peek at some of the postcards that are going out for National Letter Writing Month from me.... I have found my favorite new medium...
 Chipboard+signo white pen+brown zig writerpen+colored pencil
= love, love, love!
 and i also love black mat board with the white signo pen and colored pencil... also love
 hope these find there way to your mailbox...
 next post will be some of the mail i have recieved... everyday i seen to get 4-8 pieces. You pen pals are the greatest!
enjoy this beautiful sunday... i am off to a mountain man rondevous - really, i am .


NanE said...

So cute! I have looked every where for the white Signeo pen, can you tell me where you found yours? Blessings, nan

Traceyr said...

Gorgeous artwork there Lindsay and enjoy your mountain man meet - hope he is friendly? :)