Monday, February 18, 2013

bee... workday wednesday

when i was in college, a teacher taught us to do pic tracings. I loved it but it didn't seem very creative. I have used that pic trick alot: in embroideries, in art and now in quilting. Start with an "artsy" pic. This is my daughter bailey with a succulant
put your muslin over the top of the pic and a light box or a light source

tape it all down with masking tape - the picture and the muslin
just go for it. Trace all the light sources... dark and light. I use a black PITT pen from Faber Castell. Take you time and keep untaping to look at the pic - or print out two so you have the crisp on to keep eyeballing.
when you are done... turn off the light source and check it. Make any corrections from there.
I use Jacquard and Tsukinekp inks to paint. Make sure you have some paper underneath to absorb some of the fluid so it doesn't bleed... sometimes it's gonna bleed. Don't sweat it, just make it a happy accident and do something with the bleed.

I loved it at this stage... but i wanted more
so i used some sprtiz sprays and art journaling tools to get it a little more edgy...
on the back i used sticker letters and spray to add her name. I them pulled the stickers away and had a great resist look. Lovely!
add in a bit of hand stitching
some seed beads...
a beautiful piece of driftwood from the oregon coast
and done.
All in an afternoon. 
I have started my second one
so much fun...
look for these in the magazines ( fingers crossed )
workday wednesday....
what are you working on????


Shana said...

What a fun project! Thanks for sharing.

Erin Fish said...

Fabulous idea!

Wendy T. said...

I like it! Might have to try it sometime.