Saturday, April 19, 2014

a few more blogger features.....

Meet Blogger and Letter Writer ... Glenda Hoagland and her blog
Pligrims Thoughts . She feels that her art is always taking her on a spiritual journey.
Why did you join NLWM?  
I have been participating in projects like this for the past year and I enjoy writing letters, making cards and getting to meet new friends.  NLWM was a perfect fit.
Is this your first year?  
yes, it is my first year
Tell us a little bit about your Blog
My blog was started in 2006 when I really did not know much about the process.  Over the years my Blog has evolved into a place to show case my travels and my art.  It also allows me to talk about how I face my inner critic (Gertrude).  Last year was my most prolific year of posting, 109 posts.  This year I plan to exceed that number even if it by only one.  I have written review of friends art books because I believe in supporting them in their endeavors and I have even been part of a blog hop.  That was really cool.
My goal for my blog in 2014 is to get 100 followers.  I currently have 51 and I am so excited.  Who knows what the end of the year will bring.
What is your favorite medium to create with?
Black Gesso.  I love the look and how other colors play off of it.
What inspires you?
Life inspires me.   I am a 3 year cancer survivor and I treat everyday as an adventure.  I love art, I love my church and my family and friends.  Travel inspires me immersing myself in the sights and sounds of other cultures is amazing.  I love to take pictures of the food and life of the people in the various counties I have visited.
Other artists such as Georgia O'Keefe, Jessica Sporn, Katie Kendrick and Mary Ann Moss inspire me.
Don't forget to check out Glenda's blog  - here - PLIGRIMS THOUGHTS  - help Glenda get to her goal by following her blog!
and next , my pal Janet Forrest - and her blog
We met years ago in the begining of the scrapbooking craziness and then reconnected just a few years ago....

 - Why did you join NLWM?
As a "friend of Lindsay" I saw her chatting about the letter-writing group and it sounded like fun! So, even though I was scared to be playing with the big girls (so much talent in this group!) I jumped in!

 - Is this your first year? 
This is my second year doing NLWM. I Like getting "happy" mail instead of just boring old bills and junk mail, plus I love the camaraderie - letter writers are the nicest people! 

 - Tell us a little bit about your blog
My blog, Tattered 'n Worn  started off as a way of documenting the creative journey I began in 2011. I had owned a creative business for 20 years, then sold it (or traded it in for grandchildren!) and although I loved my my new job as a Gaga (Hannah-speak for grandma) I realized I was withering inside from a lack of creative endeavors. So, I began blogging about what I was doing to once again begin living a creative life. Since then it has become my voice in the world, and although I still focus mainly on all things creative, I talk about whatever is on my mind, and in the process I have rediscovered my love of writing.

 - What is your favorite medium to create with?
My favorite - hmmm...I would have to say at the moment I LOVE mixed media. I love paint, chalk, pens, fancy paper, all kinds of embellishments. If it can be stuck on something, I pretty much love it! But I also adore making jewelry, scrapbooking, photography, sewing, wood-working and re-purposing stuff.

 - What inspires you?
Other creative people, magazines, nature...seems like I'm getting inspired by just about everything. I'm just a crazy girl who needs to make stuff!
check out both of these great bloggers and leave a message / comment... let them know what you think. Thanks for looking in!


Janet said...

Thanks, Lindsay!

Lilli Belle said...

Awesome! Love how you are featuring 'guest bloggers'... Happy NLWM!

Createology said...

I really like "meeting" the people and putting a face to the name on the NLWM list. Great job Lindsay and thank you. Creative Blogging Bliss...