Wednesday, February 18, 2015

back up to the art....

Up early this morning finishing up backing up my entire computer.
I have a litte issue with it and it's headed to the Mac Doctor for 
a few days. I am a bit worried. I know that everything is 
backed up... but just the same... it's unsettling.

Since I have been going through all my files, I have noticed 
that this month's art has a great new look to it. I really like where it's headed.
I have an agent now, for those that don't know, an art agent.
She is taking my work and presenting it to 
gift companies to license it. Pretty exciting stuff!
Plus I have chosen to just be happy... no matter what.
And man oh man,  what a difference that makes.

All these pieces were done for a doodle challenge I am 
taking part in and for the documented life challenge ( art to the 5th )
I have been drawing daily for the entire month of February and I do feel that 
anytime you can do your craft everyday... you get better with each day. 
Sometimes I am drawing or doodling several times a day.
Right now, it's an addiction.
And I love every minute of it.
Enjoy what you do everyday!


Createology said...

Excellent post Miss Creator of Cuteness. I always love your art and am happy when I see it. Accepting our daily life is a gift and enjoying every minute enhances our Blessings.

Joy said...

Aloha Lindsay!

That is awesome news! I can just imagine your artwork on greeting cards, mugs, t-shirts and so much more! Best wishes for what the future holds!