Wednesday, February 25, 2015

black and white and yummy all over.... with Inchie Arts and RubberMoon

 I am proud and happy to share with you
the new BLACK sqaures
from Inchie Arts!!!

I have teamed up with them and RUBBERMOON 
rubber stamps. You aren't gonna see any of the stamped
images here... so, you will have to hop on 
over to

I'm not going to lie... I am a much better doodler with pens
than I am a stamper. I love all the pieces I did but all 
that you see here are doodled using the SIGNO white pens and the
KURETAKE ZIG painty twin gold / silver pen.
More with the GOLD part on Rubbermoon's blog
And... of course, PRISMACOLOR pencils. The 
soft coloring quality of these on black is a dream!

Ok... so if you made it down this far....
you are looking for the GIVE AWAY!!!
check the pieces here on my blog and choose your favorite
then , check the stamped pieces on RUBBERMOON'S BLOG
and choose your favorite
then...tell me what your favorite stamp of mine you like
( you can buy all the stamps HERE also, you know! )
comment ( with a way to contact you... like an email )
all those answers
and you will be entered in to win!
Good Luck and enjoy this 
mini blog hop!!!


Createology said...

You are so much fun Miss Creator of Cuteness. I love these new black inchies and "Goodnight Moon". "Dogwood" stamp is so cute that I already bought it! Then "This is how I roll" has to be my favorite. You are an endless fountain of talent my friend. Creative Bliss...

Claudia said...

I really like these black many possibilities. My fav on your blog is Some see a weed, a sentiment I must remember. Your scalloped heart is the cutest and I'm fond of There is life among the trees because it's so true.

It's been a joy watching your creativity explode to the moon and back. See you in April, cannot wait!!!

Gallegos Newsletter said...

I love your work! I went to the Rubbermoon sight and feel in love with the 6 flowers in a vase stamp, then I hoped over to your sight and fell in love with the young girls stamp - so darn cute with tons of possibilities.

What a fun giveaway and thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us!

Marilyn said...

Tough decisions... If I have to pick, I'd say "Goodnight Moon" on your blog, "Dogwood" stamp,"There is life among the trees" over at Rubber Moon.

Thanks for the chance. :-)

Denise Bryant said...

You're gonna make us work for this!
Here, my favorite is the daffodils! On the RubberMoon blog, it is the trees! And, my fave from your etsy shop is the Heart Tree!

chicknfun said...

Love your work! On your blog 'just a spot of tea' was my favorite. On RubberMoon it's the 'Happy Trails' camper and on your Etsy store it's the 'Write it on your heart..'sentiment. Thanks.

Kelsey Smith said...

I love all of them. Great work! Goodnight moon is by far my favorite:) looks great linds

LChippy76 said...

Lindsay, I like your"Spot of Tea" and your Dogwood Stamp!! And for Rubbermoon their "She knew She could and She did"!!
LOVE your work, Lindsay!!!
My email is:
T H A N K S for the Chance to WIN!!!