Sunday, February 15, 2015

NLWM - 2015

We are 77 strong so far!!!
The list of everyone who is in so far is 
on our facebook page
if you are on facebook, please join us
if you are not... not to worry!
Everything will be posted here!!!
( this is just the list of folks signed up, not pen pals)

We have folks this year from
The UK, Austrailia, Canada, Italy and the Phillipines
If you DO NOT want to write to anyone overseas
please shoot me an email.
if you want to get mail from all 100 of us, 
let me know
if NOT... your address will be kept between
you and your pen pal ONLY!!!

for newbies....
in the past, some overachivers would write to 
everyone and there were millions of cards,letters,
gifts, mailart, packages etc sent. I have curbed
that this year and tried to keep everyone a bit more
calm with the writing kept between two folks. Although,
those who have played in the past and liked the frenzy
of mail and want to do it again. So we shall see.

that's it for now.

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Createology said...

Thank you Lindsay. This will be a banner year for NLWM 2015.