Tuesday, March 31, 2015

and so it begins!

 So for the past few years my friend Vicky, who works
next door to me at the Post Office box store... has seen all the amazing
mail that I send and several other letter writers.
FINALLY... we brought her over to the dark side and I told her a little story
about her pen pal, Sharon Litvinoff.
 Not 10 minutes after I told her that Sharon is a pen pal that likes 
to send clear tubes and cylindars with goodies inside and that she is a master
at mail art... that i hear a knock on the window where I work and it's Vicky -
with this super cute soda bottle and all these goodies inside
from Sharon! So cool, right?
She was so so excited but i think you can see that by her face in this picture!
She is not opening it until tomorrow to read the letter...
but how could I resist taking this cute pictures
on the eve of National Letter Writing Month.
So.... let the mail mayham begin!
Happy Mail!!!


Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

I hope we get to see what's inside when she opens it tomorrow! What a great idea!!

Claudia said...

Yep, Sharon is an AWESOME penpal. She was mine, I think the first year she participated. The first thing I received from her was a letter quilt!!! It hangs on the wall outside my studio.