Sunday, June 7, 2015

ROAD TRIPPIN' 2015..... buckle your seatbelts!!!

   Okie dokie my faithful followers,
Here is how the week will go...

Check in each day during the week for a new blog post, road trip crafting tutorial and a BIG gigantic announcement during the week! It will all end with a big sha-bang with me being a featured artist with The Documented Life next Saturday June 13th. That's all I can tell you for now... but it's gonna be awesome! Oh and all of these creations will be using the ever so amazing Kuretake/ZIG pens.  So stay tuned... everyday!

Monday June 8th ... Pack your Bags ( fun tutorial with Kuretake FABRICOLOR pens)

Tuesday June 9th... Piece of Mind - paper pieces pattern / tutorial

Wednesday June 10th... Postcards from the road - collage pieces, oh you will love these!

Thursday June 11th... Travel with a Friend - the return of an old friend...hehehe

Friday June 12th... Map it all Out... fun with maps in art journaling

Don't miss a day.... there might just be a reason to come and hang out and oh, i donno...maybe win something. Don't forget to follow me on instagram 
(lindsayannostrom) and also on facebook - lindsay ostrom.creator of cuteness


Gypsy said...

Buckled in and raring to go Sista!

LChippy76 said...

Bags packed - Full tank of Gas
Drinks & Snacks too!!! 😊
Ready to Gooooo!!! 😀

Terrie said...

How exciting!!! Looks like I will be busy, documenting my life...

Createology said...

I am going to be traveling with you on this virtual road trip. Fun on the Run...