Saturday, May 19, 2018

The royal wedding

  Who else was up at at 1:30am to watch the duke and duchess of Sussex get married? I was!!! 

   I'm a royals fanatic. And I learned that Meghan used to do calligraphy for wedding invitations professionally. I loved that. And speaking of calligraphy... I just finished lesson four of my Lettering with Lindsay class. Have you signed up yet?

   We're having so much fun. Lessons 1-3 are currently available in my Etsy shop at .  Lesson four launches June 1st. I highly recommend taking the lessons in order. 1-5 are all based on practical printing and lessons 6-10 will be curly cursive based. I hope you'll all sign up and share this with any friends who might be interested.  Here's the link....

Happy Wedding weekend. Ain't love grand❤️

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