Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ahhh the begining of bliss...

so, i haven't been to my mailbox for like a week. I have some pretty intense bills coming in and I just can't face it.... but i decided today to step up and get the mail.
And low and behold... it's National Letter Writing Month!!!! And there were about 6 letters there. I went again this evening on my way home from work and wouldya believe it... 3 more. I love you guys. Ok, so see the big manilla envelope in the back? That's from JOY and when you know joy ( and whomever has her as a blog pal... lucky! ), you know that her envelopes mean a sweet treat inside.
this was the back of the envelope... love the stamp!
I was right... a sweet treat. A starbucks bag wrapped with uber cute bakers twine!
Inside... a sweet little tag with a glassine envelope. Joy always incorporates her name in a joyful way. Here she used a tea bag tag that read Joy.
Really layered and really pretty.

I think i will sleep dreaming of TAZO tea. Thank the Lord for National Letter Writing Month .... I hope all you all are getting some great cards and letters!!!


Anonymous said...

mine is on it's merry way to you my friend!!!

yay for mail!!

xx Rena

Traceyr said...

What a great post bag you have received Lindsay. :)