Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CHA SHOW... greatness

Ok.... i'm on overload. I saw so many great samples today and new product, i didn't know where to start. So... I will show some samples. Above is a burlap canvas from Canvas Corp... one of my favorite new companies
These are little mini hoops with Prima Flowers -Dream, Create and Inspire... cute.
This was a bag a girl was carrying and I think she made it herself. Really cute..
This was at the Buttons Galore booth with a bunch of my samples that I made for them too... I am on their design team. That's fun! Check out the blog here....
Align Center
Loved this dress made of buttons and the wings were chicken wire, painted with gauze... so cool!
Ok... so this was my favorite piece i saw today. It was made by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer ( i lover her ) .It is part of a contest to create a piece of clothing using paper. Ahhhh.... just look at it.
Yep... she art journaled a whole panel of it.... awesome
These were little flaps that lift up... look at the colors.
OMG... love love love this so much.
this was a ruffle in the back
oh wait.... i showed this already. What the heck... it's amazing, right? Look at it again!!!!
This is the entire dress... She is super cool!
Arghhhh.... look that that collaged face. Julie, you had me at believe! You could vote on these and the winner will be in cloth, paper and scissors magazine... i voted. Just once, i swear i only voted once. Really, i did! More pictures coming.....

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