Monday, January 16, 2012

Every year... through the Brooklyn Art Library and The Art House Co-Op , I participate in a project called the Sketchbook Challenge. You have about 6 months to work on your sketchbook , then mail it off to them. They catalog it and get it ready for a tour of the US. You can check out your book at different galleries acorss the country so I go to San Francisco in June to view mine. Then it goes home to the brooklyn art library - forever. This year my theme was Writing On The Wall.... hope you enjoy!

Oh... and, i always do the cover last - so stay tuned... the cover is coming soon!


Joy said...

Lindsay - your sketchbook is so Awesome! You should make children's books, you know how to tell a good story and of course illustrate them , too!

Thanks for always sharing your's alsways so inspiring!

Dogwood said...