Sunday, March 18, 2012


 at my home today... it's snowing. 
So i have been creating alot of pieces. 
Above is a page from my art journal - 
there's snow place like HOME...
these two wooden nickles are going to become necklaces and will soon by on my etsy site. I got this idea from my friend Kae Pea (check out her artsy blog) and it's my favorite thing to make and sell....they are only 1 1/4" around. Both perfect to wear around the HOME!
The last piece is an idea for an art quilt... it's good to touch the green green grass of HOME!

and this it for this week.
 I am still accepting participants in the 
National Letter Writing Challenge
through this week... so email me if you want to play
read more here

Today at HOME, while it's snowing and peaceful.... gives me my word for next week...
have fun with this word... enjoy!

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