Monday, August 6, 2012

get along....

It's been a hard month... obviously, i have had no posts. We had a big fire very close to our house, my father in law suffered a pretty bad stoke, we thought my dad might have had a stroke ( he's ok now) and there has just been so much hate in the world lately that i have just removed myself from most things except my art and my trailers ( i collect vintage trailers)

today, my hubby brought home our second girl.
meet Aunt Bee
( my first is a 1960 Coastline... Little Miss Sunshine)
she is a 15 3/4" Bee Line from Indiana.
Not sure how she got to California...
i bet that's a great story

She is registered, we have all the papers and she has her original license plate. That is super cool. I know she doesn't look like much to the untrained eye of a trailer hoarder ( that's me ) but ... my hubby is a carpenter ( yeah, and my mom wanted me to marry a lawyer...hehehe) and i can totally picture her transformation.

All that yucky burgandy paint is covering up a lovely 1960's aqua... cannot wait to bring that back to it's groovy loveliness.
So when there is bad stuff in the world and people are being mean to other people, shootings and other terrible things happening in the world... i say; eat some ice cream, take a road trip in a cool trailer and make craft projects. You never saw someone eating and ice cream and frowning or being a bad human.
to one another....
peace out!
(more pics to follow on trailer restorations)


Michelle Gregory said...

there needs to be a new slogan: make love *and* art, not war.

Traceyr said...

hear hear Lindsay! Hope your folks are better soon.

Are you not tuned into the Olympics? Over here in the UK the spirit is more boyant and joyous at the moment. I wish I could bottle it and send you some.

love T :)

Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said...

I didn't know you were a trailer collector... you'll have to meet ours, she's a 1957 Cardinal trailer with a cowgirl theme.

GeoGirl said...

I am so loving your post, I could use a trailer or 2 ;) can't wait to see updated pics

Unknown said...

I have a thing for trailers too, though I am not in a place to collect them. Just wanted to tell you that I've enjoyed this post too.