Tuesday, February 12, 2013

WW ... wednesday workday

so... i found a post about a cool lady, Jane Davies from
she is a postmaster and owns the cutest little post office that is 
pictured here and she is trying to keep it and save it, one 
postcard at a time. To read about her challenge...
go to her blog here

 this is the postcard that I sent her and I thought i would share it 
with you for workday wednesday...
I take old 33 rpm record albums and turn them into postcards. I have
 sent over 15 and they have all arrived without a problem. 

I usually start by painting over the label to make it
doodle worthy... This one i did in all white so that I could doodle 
right on top of it 
if you incorporate your stamps ( about $2 US postage ) ... then your design
works out alot better.

then on one side i write my letter and on the other side i add in the address.
I always add in a return address... but i have NEVER 
had one returned. Let's hope this one gets to Jane in good shape.
This is just a hint of the kind of things that we do durring
National Letter Writing Month.
Coming up in April. Email me if you 
want to be paired up with a pen pal for the funnest month of 
letter writing and going to the mailbox
that you will ever have.
Next... i want to share an egg that I made for my mom and dad's 
67th wedding anniversary... a bit more zen doodling
except this one is on a goose egg.

this is a bowl of eggs that I have done for them over the past oh,
about 30 years i would say.

the finished piece.... given to them on their 
67th wedding anniversary.
Until next Wednesday....


Joan V said...

Lindsay, these eggs are fabulous. Wow, your mom and dad have been married for 67 years. Congrats to them. Love your records. Your are so creative.

Andria said...

Your eggs are amazing!

Catrin said...

Hello Lindsay,
I just signed up for the Letter Month and scrolled through your blog - awesome! But this post is really amazing - The record idea is so cool, I would be overwhelmed to get one of them - I hope all your recipients were as thrilled :)
Congrats to your parents and the egg you made for them is simply gorgeous!!!
Thanks for your great blog!!

Liberty said...

I LOVE this, it's perfect.

Angela B. said...

I would love a tutorial on your postcard album! I recently obtained a pen pal out of Scotland and they like music this would be a fun first letter/postcard to send! I found link to your blog on Pinterest took me a while to find the project but I finally did! Interested to know what type of paint, and pens you write with.