Monday, April 15, 2013

tasty mail art....

So... today i sent out $42 worth of mail and only .49 worth went to the IRS. Yikes. That's alot of mail. Two of the pieces were these super fun record albuns 
headed out to some amazing ladies.

I am feeling pretty down after hearing the news about what happened today in Boston... what is wrong with people?
My heart goes out to all the folks who were there or effected by the horrible outcome 
of this terrible day. I went to the mailbox and got my mail, but just came home and 
got in bed... didn't open it for a while and then...
I found this little bit of waxed paper wrapped with super thin twine 
from Cheryl Giulino in Massachusettes
my day suddenly went from dark to light.

 She made me a teeny tiny sandwich.
(sorry about the quality... camera issues still )

 delicious bits of papers cut into bread, a tomatoe, onion,
lettuce and even holey swiss cheese.

what a tasty treat on a day
 that left a sour taste in my mouth
I got many other items today including a plate... a plastic plate
that came mailed to me....
and many of your photos in my inbox. 
Sorry... just kinda a challenging day and 
this was all my heart could handle.
leaving you now...
 to go create more art mail.


Unknown said...

So cute, the sandwich letter! How thankful for the beautiful mail art that brightens the darkest days and reminds us there is good and love in this ugly, hurtful world...

Lilli's Dark Spot said...

There are some amazingly creative ladies in this world!

Unknown said...

This is so cute. I wish I thought of that, lol.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I'm excited to have found your blog. I have 5 of your books, the ABC, LMNOP, and XYZ of Creative Lettering, The Kids Book of Creative Lettering, and Clip It UP, and love to play with them often. I love the colorful record albums that you made.