Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Happy Mothers Day - 2016


  I have always loved Mother's Day... as a mother and a daughter, I really feel truly loved all the time. I know alot of mom's need a bit of extra love, sometimes. I usually make cards and send them to mom's that I know who a being a bit overlooked. Here is a sweet downloadable you can print and color and create a fun badge for any of the mom's you know.
   This year is a different kind of year for me. It sucks. Plain and Simple. I almost lost my mom in February and I did loose alot of what makes her, her. I have been lucky enough to spend the last 61 plus days with her. I pretty much moved in. My mom and dad needed me. It's been hell. But it's also been kind of amazing. How many 58 year olds can move in with their parents because they want to, not because they need to. Every day my mom has gotten stronger and every day a little bit of what makes her, her ... has come back. She will never have all the parts and pieces again... but she is truly a miracle. The doctors were amazed at how well she recovered and how fast she got strong in her body and her mind. This mothers day is special. 
    So... I made this badge for you to print and color. I will be creating mine on Thursday this week LIVE on PERISCOPE. It you have a smart phone, you can get the periscope app. It's fun. It's live, It's video that creative and fun. So... Thursday night from 7pm until probably 8... I will be creating mine. Wanna join me? Then join Periscope and come play from 7pm pacific coast time.... It will be great fun. Honor a mom, a grandma, an aunt or a friend who is a mom with this fun badge of honor.
   ( PRINT it direct from here by copying and pasting it into a file to print from OR click here to download directly from my dropbox account. Try printing it on cardstock, mixed media paper or watercolor paper ) 

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LChippy76 said...

Lindsay, What a WONDERFUL Idea!!! THANKS!!