Monday, November 9, 2009

SCRIBBLES BOOK..... by me!!!

I wanted to post my newest book here in case anyone wanted to order it from me. I wanted to post it on ETSY... but i guess since it is not self published.... it can't go up there. So... here it is. It is published by my friends at Pinecone Press and is about 40 pages of some new and some older lettering styles. It's all in color and each lettering style shows how to use it on the page next to it in scrapbooking pages and other crafty ideas. Shown is the "Collage" style - my new favorite lettering. It shows the lettering in black and white, three other ways to use it in color and then the full color samples page. Please don't judge me on my not so good photography... the books photography is done by a pro! It's $12 plus $3 for shipping if you want it. Just send me a check and i will send out the book......
Lindsay/ Scribbles Book
375 Secret Town Lane Colfax, CA 95713

... hopefully there will be a SCRIBBLES too... soon on doodling.


GailM. said...

I just found your blog Lindsay. I bought many of your books years ago and even bought one from you and had you autograph it for my darling scrapbooking sister. I dug out your book today to use in making a name block that will go on the back of a quilt. Come have a look. It's my first attempt to doodle on fabric.

Patti said...

Your books just keep getting better & better, Lindsay! I think I own all of them! I now have a whole Linzi-O Library! ;)

I LOVE Scribbles & know I'll have fun being inspired by all your creative ideas for years to come!... Looking forward to Scribbles too!! :)

(BTW, you might like to look into whether your books could be sold on Etsy under "Supplies". I don't have any personal experience with this, but I have seen other magazines sold there (like ClothPaperScissors). Makes sense to me, since this is your original artwork!!)

Happy Creating! :)
~ Patti

Jackie said...

Lindsay - you can definately list your book under supplies on Etsy. Go for it!

charla anderson said...

Where can I buy this book? I can't find it anywhere and it says it's sold out.