Monday, August 1, 2011

your happy place...

The August Challenge is....
This is something i have thought alot about lately. There are so many places and things we do that make us happy... find yours and make something creative to represent it. A mixed media piece, a photo, a collage, a postcard, a mantra... whatever. And send it to me so that I can post it here. And yes, there will be a prize for the most creative interpretation of your happy place. So, come on get happy!
e-mail me at
(this cute little picture i found on pinterset makes me happy)



Below is a picture of a southern belle... and yes, there is a story here. My friend Joan talks about her mom all the time... she is her happy place. She just got home from visiting here on the shores of South Carolina. Her mom will be 99 on August 14th. Amazing. She still swims, lives alone, plans big shin digs at her house and is a true Southern Belle. For her birthday, Joan is trying to get her 99 cards - one for each year. She still needs some. I said "No problem", my blog group and card making pals will be all over that.... so.... who's in? Just let me know so I can tell her the card is on it's way - e-mail me at and mail your cards to......

Ann Davis
1305 Whittaker Drive
Columbia, South Carolina 29206


Below is a real last minute self portrait from my friend Carmen. She posted it on facebook for me, but duh... being a bit lame... i didn't realize that she wanted me to take it from there and post it here. I got it now... it's super cool. Done using photoshop. Anyone got some crayola crayons? I got a hankering to color! Thanks Carmen!!!

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