Monday, March 26, 2012

Letter Preppers....

It's the eve of national letter writing month
and I have been feeling a bit MELANCHOLY 
because my honey is working out of town
for a week.... so I started my letter writing.
this picture above was sent by pen pal Cory... who is making
a beautiful mess in her living room making cards
 for NLWM
these three beautiful envelopes are being sent by pen pal
Marilynn... i think i might see my name in the
beautiful pile of loveliness!
I sent off 14 this morning and this is the collection
of cards. Here's a little suggestion... when you take
pictures of the pretty addressing of the envelopes,
try and cover up the addresses so that they don't get posted
 here on the blog. Everyone is making me so 
proud in getting started so early...
keep those photos coming!!!

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