Sunday, March 25, 2012

National Letter Writing Month.... let the mailing begin

Here is the list of pen pals for
National Letter Writing Month...
you all should have an email 
with address and the requirements...
let the mailing begin
(to arrive on April 1st thru April 30th)
and... yep,
someone did mail a feather duster
so be creative-
mail something super cool!!!
Carmen and Heather
Sandra and Erin
Tamara and Vicci
Marilynn and Sharla
Paula and Connie
Joy and Ann
Gail and Leslie
Loretta and Molly
Laurie and Chris
Kat and Claudia
Cheryl and Sharen
Melinda and Janet
Natalie and Bea
Kelsey and Nan
Ellen and Cory
Wendy and Ruth
Mona and Soeurette
M.U.M / Paula and Joni
Tina and Judith
Lindsay and Jamie (who's email i still don't have correctly)
keep checking the blog to see all the mail art
 sent and recieved!

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