Wednesday, March 14, 2012

May i have your attention....

Now that i have your attention
let's chat a moment about 
my favorite blog month of the year...
National Letter Writing Month
April 2012
3rd year!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

Ok, so I am recruiting participants. This is the most fun you can have by going to your mailbox. I will pair you up with a blog buddy, a pen pal. And you guys get to write letters, cards and hand written notes back and forth all during april. I will say that for the past three years... some will write a note to everyone on the list. One day last year... i went to my mailbox and had 11 letters - all decorated and hand lettered and fabulous. It made my bills pale in comparison. So... I need your name and address if you want to play.
Just email me... lindsay
I will add you to the list, pair you up with someone ( tell me if you don't want someone out of the country) and the rest is up to you. Some pen pals have become life long pen friends even when the month is over.

(if you have done this before with me... please comment and lte the newbies know how much fun this month is)


so. . . let's show the post person who delivers your mail how much fun you can have by still writing a letter!

* i need your name and address by March 20th to be added to the pen pal list!

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Gypsy said...

I would LOVE to this year!