Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Serendipity #2 and #6

 The pretty serendipity boats above was a true serendipity moment for Judy... when she was taking out some supplies to work on this project... the boats ( which were a napkin / card piece ) fell right onto the background piece that she had made several months ago (using Judikins Magicgloss). She loved the way the colors play together... another happy accident. Thanks for playing Judy!
Next is my favorite drawing teacher... Janet who proves again that she has the best sense of digital and hand painted art as a combo. Love the quote... "looked for a needle in a haystack and found the farmers daughter".... ahh, another happy accident. Thanks for playing Janet!

and... a quick shout out to tracey... who had the fabulous hand lettered "linzi" inspired Serendipity. I forgot to post her blog and it's super cute... it's searching my art.  Click on the link and go check it out!


what are you working on?
if you are playing along...
email me your finished piece to
i will post it, have your friends and loved ones
comment and the most comments for the 
month WINS.... a handmade prize by me.


Traceyr said...

Two very lovely sketches and what beautiful colours you have both used.


Anonymous said...

I vote for the Serendipity boats by Judy. Their creation was true Serendipity in action, not just lettering the word. Karen #2

Traceyr said...

Loving the colours on these two pieces of artwork.

The boats are very atmospheric and the girl has very striking hair.



Dogwood said...

Janet, Janet...Wonderful. I keep looking at you word and each time love it more. Cory