Friday, February 21, 2014

a peek at my week.....

 Just wanted to give you a quick look at what my week has looked like via my instagram....follow me if you have instagram - lindsayannostrom
above... is a page from my journal when it was 
really hot one day and the next, snowing.
all mixed up in the season.
 next i got a package of prize winnings from Pentel of America.
I entered and won their National Handwriting Day contest
on facebook. Pretty honored and happy to get my hands 
on some new pens and pencils!
 Then the very next day... another package arrived... from another
pen company. SAKURA of America ! It came from marketing director 
Michalea Yee. She took note of what I am doing here on the blog 
and offered me some new goodies to play with and share 
the art with all of you. Thanks Michalea!!! So wonderful.
 Of course i worked in week 8 of 
my Documented Life book.... so happy.
 the challenge this week was to put a flap, on a flap.
so... i took a sewing challenge. 
and it was awesome.
 I sewed the page right into the book. 
Kinda love it!
and duty calls....
I sent out some art to Somerset Studios- a Jewlery piece for 
a Jewelry Affaire and 
a piece for Somerset Life

wow... and it's only Friday.
What a wild and full week!!!

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Janet said...

I swear you accomplish more in a week than most people do in a month! I am SOOOOOOO impressed!