Tuesday, March 18, 2014

National Letter Writing Month Prep!

 Well, i got my first card. It was a thank you card from NLWM player Barbara England. Now, normally cards don't go out until April 1st... but i can forgive Barbara. It was so sweet and came at a moment when i really needed some cheery mail.
 If you are signed up for NLWM and have NOT recieved an email from me or found your name on our Facebook page here - then, Houston... we have a problem.
Email me immediately and I will set you up somehow with someone.
otherwise get ready here on the blog to see some fabulous mail. We wait until the mail is received and then it get's posted here and on the facebook page. So.... enjoy the art, mail, postcards and heartfelt letters. Enjoy!!!

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Queen of 'arts said...

Ha! Glad I'm forgiven! What a kick/surprise to see that card on the Facebook page and your blog. I had just wanted to say thanks at a time when you seemed especially busy. Instead I am a rebel! Jumped the gun and got "published." What a hoot! This is FUN.