Friday, April 17, 2015

artsy fartsy mail artists....

 I have been slacking off  a bit at getting some of your 
amazing mail posted....
sorry about that. 
But here is some goodness for the week.
Above a lovely envelope from Ann to Sooz
 Above is a letter that one of 16 folks got from one of their
little kid pen pals. Some of us offered to partner up with some
kiddos at a school back east. This is from a 7 year old!
so so sweet!!
 a plethora of goodness from
many of you to Sherry
 a lovely watercolored tulip from Mona 
to pen pal Tanya
 My favorite mail from this week was from Sharon to VIcky...
hard to see here... but she sent her a vinyl record album and yup
it sent just like this. A plastic easter egg mailed just like this 
with a strip of curled paper that was the letter, a brag book
also sent just taped up like this with bits about Sharon inside each
page.... and down in front is a quilted letter. She wrote the letter, printed 
it on muslin and Quilted the whole thing. Sharon has always put
the rest of us to shame with her creativness
 more goodness from Letizia
this mail made it all the way to ITALY!!!
 Annette from the UK has sent some 
awesome mail to Jenn Byrd
THis sweet little cup is being shipped out 
to Sharon just like it is shown here.
And yes, those are the new letter writing month
postage stamps. Enjoy this weeks mail!!!


Netty Fletcher said...

So I asked at the local village (awesome) post office the stamp situation. I've had some fabulous postage stamps on the letters I've received (my Dad collects stamps so they will all go in his album in due course), and the ones I've bought from the post office to send to Jenn and you guys have been...soooooo boring. And the lady confirmed, no snazzy stamps to be adhered to overseas mail. How dull is that????

Createology said...

So much fun mail it will be hard to surpass 2015 and all the super creative peeps.