Sunday, April 12, 2015

and still more mail!

 Some fabulous new pieces of mail to share with you all
These two pretty in pink pieces are from
Kathie to Terrie

 Debra sent her pen pal some washi tape 
and she sent her some pretty pieces back
 a whole bed full of mail above
 one of the washi tape cards from Kathie
 I too got one of these lovelies...
a piece of art from Jennifer to Debra
Last piece is some art coming to some lucky 
letter writers from Rachel...
who is watercoloring some postcards.


There are still some letter writers who have not heard from their pen pals
and we are nearing the middle of the month. Please, oh please...
if you haven't written yet... take a moment and write to your 
pen pal. They are waiting and wanting mail.

and keep on writing!

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Createology said...

Sew many great pieces of mail and so many great bits of inspiration! Mail On...