Thursday, April 9, 2015

You've Got Mail!

Above is Rhonda's newly decorated PO Box,
in honor of National Letter Writing Month!
So so cool

 Above is a pile of mail that Jenn ( below ) sent 
to her in England!
That's some letter lovin'

And here ( ablove ) is Jenn with a sweet Air Mail
letter from her pal Nettie!

 And... another pile of mail above from Jenn
And Below is a sweet hand drawn note 
from Susan to Cory....

Below is a sweet postcard with a gorilla from
Audrianne to Debra

And a bit more letter loving from around the globe
for Debra!

1 comment:

Createology said...

Love seeing the variety of Happy NLWM 2015 mail. Creative Bliss...