Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter mail JOY!!!!

 Fun Easter and Passover Weekend Mail.
some of my art for you with a sweet little bunny
mail from Joy and Cory

 above ... a letter from Jan with a wonderful
stamped envelope

 a wonderful little booklet 
all about me - from pen pal Ann

 the sweet Oh Happy Day card that was made
by pen pal Jan

 Some great envelopes....

 above is some Frog mail from old pen pal
Sharon. She was Claudia's pen pal a few years 
back and yet she still remembers her favorite things....
and sends her frogs in earrings, fabric and more!

 a pretty little egg for Easter letter writing above

and these two cute chicks 
with mail from Mary...
the one in the glasses is Debra.

and last but not least...
more art from me on this glorious 
Easter and Passover weekend.
My mailbox has been FULL of mail from all of you 
madness players... did you not know that I was not playing
this year? Silly Rabbit... letter writing is for ALL! I am sure that's
what you are all thinking. Thanks... and

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Createology said...

Happy Easter and truly fun mail from great peeps. Creative NLWM 2015 Bliss...