Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fabulous Free Friday video - bat girl

Hopefully you guys are getting the hang of this 
Fabulous Free Firiday Video
thing.... just subscribe to my You Tube channel
and then every Friday, i post a new free video 
on some fun thing that I am 
working on at the moment. This week, i chose a picture from my Halloween
Coloring Book from ADORNit. 
This is my Bat girl and I really
 love the way she turned out. 

There is the under layer of watercolor and then an over layer of watercolor after the underlayer dries.  Then let all that dry and add in detail with colored pencils. I love that part so much! I sewed the entire thing to some scrapbook paper and then added some glitter glue around the stars. I also love a hint of glitter.

Lastly, i go back over the entire piece with micron to add little highlights and shadows in certain areas. I also added the text in her skirt. Love doing wording in girls skirts. So cute. And that's about it. 

I am going to hang her from a wooden skirt / pants hangers, add some ribbons and tulle to it and be done. See... coloring book pages aren't meant to stay in a stuffy book. Get them out of the book
 and bring them to life!
Have fun and color on!
the video will be up on YOU TUBE
on Friday October 23rd....


Createology said...

Bat Girl is awesome when watercolored and pencil colored by you Miss Cretor of Cuteness. I'll be watching your wonderful Free Friday video tomorrow. Thank you for sharing your generosity.

LChippy76 said...

Bat Girl looks MARVELOUS!!!
THANKS for Sharing!!! (Y)
Linda Chidster

Scatterjoy said...

Awesome video! It's amazing to watch you transform a simple coloring page into an something so special and full of personality! Thanks for sharing!