Sunday, November 1, 2015

thirty days of gratitude

 Sometimes I think October is my favorite month with pumpkins, apple picking,
halloween and the first touches of fall. And then November comes. It's hard to choose.
So, it's November `st and I am always reminded of how grateful I am just to be here and to be a good human. So, i am posting this challenge for all of you.


If you do facebook... download these two pics and you can post the top one to your page or your instagram, and the bottom one can be your cover page for facebook. Challenge yourself and others to look for one thing each day. No matter how small or large of a thing it is. Just find one thing that makes you smile. One thing that you don't always see or think of as a thing to be grateful for. One thing that you can journal about, take a photo of or just pass on to someone else as a form of gratitude. 

Here is mine for the day. 

 I will be posting these daily on my instagram page with the hashtag of 
so follow along and post your own too - using that hashtag
or post to your facebook page
or just wake up and realize how great your life is and 
how lucky and grateful we all should feel every day!


Eric Bowman said...

What a great idea, Lindsay! I put this as my Facebook banner and am inviting my friends to join in. We already have a gratitude group amongst the Heron Cam folks, but maybe I can get others to do the 30 Days thing. Thank you!

Createology said...

I did this last year and made a small tag book with my gratitudes. I love to actually think and acknowledge all the wonderful reasons to be grateful for. You are off to a perfect beginning. Rain!!! and there were snowflakes falling over Donner Summit mid day today!!!

ann from whimsyville said...

Just saw this this morning. it's so beautiful ! thanks for sharing your creativity.