Saturday, March 21, 2009

Blind Faith Book Club

These next 8 post are all from a group I have called the Blind Faith Book Club. We call it that because the members put their blind faith in me to create a kit each month that we all create from. We take it home, work our magic and then meet back to share and praise the heck out of each other. It's a win win event!!!
Sandee Buckmaster is queen of the mini books... in my mind. And this is no exception. She titled her's "Maxine Wordsmith" in honor of her mom who had a tradition of writing rude poetry and got the whole family involved. So the book's envelopes are filled with the poetry. And her use of journalling and embellishments... well, it speaks for itself.
I hope you enjoy the other 7 posts from our March 2009 Blind Faith book club group. Scroll down to see the others... they are all fabulous!!! I will post mine when it's done... I am the queen of the unfinished projects (UFO's for short!)

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