Monday, November 30, 2009

on the first day of Christmas

Tomorrow is December first. My goal is to post a new handcrafted goodie each day to inspire you and hopefully, inspire me as well. I want to challenge you ( and me ) to toss the consumer shopping mess right out the window. I know that I-Pods, TV's and blenders are what the media want you to "buy" for Christmas or Hanukkah. But is that really what the season is all about, Charlie Brown? I think not. So.... go to your craft table and MAKE STUFF!!!! Make garland for your tree, make ornaments, make baked goodies.... who cares what it is.... Just make it and give it. You'll save some dough and get an amazing round of thank you's from the family and friends who receive them. So... what are you waiting for.... go make stuff!!!!

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