Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas in your heart

i am on my 756th hallmark christmas movie, i think. Who cares. I love them. But i also LOVE this picture i found of this reindeer. We will be finishing up our Christmas shopping today. My husband and I have a date every year to do this. When the kids were little, we had a late night run to Toys R Us. Now that they are older we hit two places. Cost Plus World Market, where we buy exotic candies, cookies, toys and drinks from around the world to stick in their stockings. And my favorite store called Evangeline's in Old Town Sac, where they have alot of edgy and nasty little toys and treats for older kids... like mine. Both places take me to a different place and make me dream of other places. I was just chatting on-line with my french son, Norman who was in the Louve playing on a computer in the new Mac store. That took me to France for just a moment and it was devine. I miss my french kids. This holiday is making me think of all different places. Bailey just got accepted into Humbolt State yesterday. We are so happy for her and I can't get the idea of the Green Triangle out of my head. My daughter in Arcata and Eureka... with all that green herb. Reminds me of my summer there with Evangeline. So from Paris, to Humbolt to Old Town Sac... Christmas is still Christmas wherever you are. Christmas is there in your heart. Ah.... finally... Christmas Spirit!!!!

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