Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Once in a very blue moon.

I just found out that tomorrow
night, new years ever - there will be a partial eclipse on a full moon. This is called a "Blue Moon". I cannot wait to see it. One of my favorite singers is Nanci Griffith and one of my favorite songs is "Once in a very blue moon". I read this happens like once in a blue moon. So I will be taking a nap to see it as opposed to my usual falling asleep by 9pm after watching the ball drop on TV via east coast feed!
But for now.... I just wanted to list a fe
w resolutions. I think we all need them this year. 2009 was just a bad year for almost everyone i know. So, let's make them and make them happen!

1. finish my unfinished projects
2. start walking
3. be nicer
4. forget about mean people
5. Be less jealous
6. find a career path
7. look for a quiet place
8. get an ipod and use it
9. get published ( again)
10. finish writing my book(s)

Happy New Year!
I hope it's better than the last one!!!

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Dogwood said...

Hi Lindsay~Nice seeing you at Ben's today. I like your resolutions for 2010. I am pretty caught on unfinished projects #1, retired #6, not use about #8, #9 and #10 for me...but I need to start walking/hiking more, be nicer, forget about mean people, be less jealous and find more quiet time for myself so will join you on those! You are a great lady and I always enjoy seeing you at Ben's.

Happy New Year! Cory