Thursday, December 17, 2009

the sixteenth day of Christmakah

I't 12:33am and I can't sleep! It's freezing in the house and outside, I have very little Christmas spirit right now and I am going to ramble... thus;the warning. I just wanted to let you know ahead of time in case you want to clock out now!!!!
So... the whole time i was home recooping , i watched Martha Stewart on tv. Every episode, she made crafts with glitter. Lots of glitter. Alot of little deers with painted on white glue ( but she has her own and charges $5 a jar for it) and then shake on glitter. I was fascinated with all of it. I'm telling you, that bitch does good crafts. Or, i should say she pays cool folks to do good crafts.
I love this little deer. I really want to make some but i haven't yet.
The other day, I was going to pick up my daughter to go to the Indie Craft Fair and was headed down the freeway before the sun came up. It was just about dawn. Kinda dark and kinda light.When i got on the freeway ; i was just about an 1/8 of a mile down , I was in the slow lane and luckily was paying attention to what was going on outside... when all of a sudden, what to my wondering eyes should appear... then no miniature sleigh but 6 TINY RAIN-DEER!!!! Ok, actually they were deer. But they were standing in the slow lane. It was freezing cold, icy and wet on the road and I am totally lucky to be here. I swerved a bit into the fast lane and there were no cars there .... so, i slowed down and looked back and counted 6 DEER. Just hanging out on the freeway in the dark waiting for SANTA.

Did i say that i couldn't sleep tonite? Sorry.... I just needed to write and that's all i could think about writing about. I hope you enjoyed my RAIN-DEER story. No crafts today, just inspiration from Martha Stewarts highly paid staff. Do try this craft at home... it looks totally cool when you are done. And watch for RAIN-DEER on the road. Call Santa if you find any at 1 800- RU-DOLPH!!!

the moral of the story is ... don't go chasing reindeer.

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