Saturday, January 23, 2010

CHA - supershow day

The day started off... good and ended GREAT!
Here is Michal and I doing a make and take from the ART bar. All the proceeds went to HAITI relief and we made mini books. So cute and fun. Here is the back of mine. We used beacon liquid laminate. Yes... i ordered it and it kicks butt on mod podge and on golden gel medium.... dries fast too
Then.... I met Carol Duvall and now, we are FRIENDS!!!!
Yes... that's me with Carol and my friend Mary O'Neill from Hot Potatoes Stamps ( the girl that invented stamping on velvet)
Then... I met Jenni Doh the editor from Somerset Studios and i took a pic of her ultra cute cart. I have an old one at home and you can bet your bootie that i will be altering it very soon. Art Saves!
And by far... the highlight was when a girl ran up to me and went ga-ga over a scarf that i was wearing that i made. Not to brag... but everyone loved it ( photo to follow soon) and it was quite a conversation starter. But she went on and on about how great it was and would i make her one and would i add her to my facebook if she friended me.... well of course i said yes. And then she gave me her card and it was Heidi Grace. Oh my heck.. i was celebrity struck! Alot of people act that way when they see me but i was so honored that she loved it so much! So... i will add Heidi Grace and Carol Duvall to my facebook tonight. Check it out. It was a great frist day at the show and the best things i saw were Unity Stamps new little line called Ibbie ( i think) - more on that later. And a new Cricut machine that is called a Cake and cuts Fondant for Cakes... seriously! And just lots of old friends and new contacts for doing art for hire. I am now officially a craft ho.... or that's what Michal and I are calling ourselves. Because when companies ask what kind of crafts we do, we say we will do anything for money. Connect the dots! It's been a fun show... so far. My next post will be no text... just some cool ideas!

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Dianne Brooke said...

Sounds like an absolute blast.. and you're meeting some of my favorite people to boot! Right on! I obviously will have to come up your way and see your shop... Carry on!