Sunday, February 14, 2010

DAY 13 ..... forgive the creative delay....

DAY 13.... this entry is a day late. Please forgive the creative delay.... but we have been under rain and snow for weeks. So when the sun peeked through; my honey and I went for a drive! This photo was taken in historic Oroville and is an arch at the old hotel. Beautiful.
This was at the old Oroville Pawn Shop... of railroad lanterns. My new favorite show is American Pickers on the History Channel and the two pickers on the show make alot of money from these lanterns. Watch it. It's great!
Same pawn shop.... filled with buckets and tubs. Amazing... I bought doilies to make my new journal out of!
These next three creations are done by my old friend, Dianne Brooke. We have reconnected through facebook and if you want to see into the mind of a truly well rounded creative earth mother... check her website at
These are beautiful, dianne!
Another heartfelt installment from Dianne... I love this. I feel a field trip to Cambria for a crafty weekend. She teached craft classes... who wants to go? Uh... dianne, don't think we won't come.... we are motivated crafty gals!
Another piece (peace) from Dianne... I am truly amazed. Who knew that a newspaper journalist had so much talent in altered artsy fartsy stuff!
Joy, made these yummy cupcakes... first 30 or so for the classroom and these for her family for Valentine's Day
I guess yesterday was beautiful all over the West Coast, because Cory went out for a walk and a photo day! She took this picture of a heart in San Francisco ( it was left there, get it? I left my heart.....). She told me the story of why they were put there, as a project by a couple who's three year old son got sick and was helped to get well through San Francisco's General Hospital. They raised money to give back to the hospital by asking artists to make these hearts throughout the town. Thank you Cory for this inspirational picture. I think I know where our Valentine's Drive will take me and my honey today!
.... check back later today for our Valentine's Day post. I hope you will all be creative today.... a kiss, heart shaped pancakes, a love song... something. Happy Valentine's Day!

and last but not least.... Judith's cute little Betty Boop Valentines that she really did make yesterday and will get in the mail... just a bit late. But the message is still the same... I love You!

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