Saturday, March 27, 2010

Letter Writing Etiquitte 101 - part two

Here is PART TWO in your tutorial....
Embellishing & Envelope Addressing
This little fairy and border was already on the card i am sending. The name, however, I added in Calligraphy. Personalizing a card is a great addition. People love seeing their name on an informal card.
Next... I just colored in some of the letters to match the fairy.
Step one: In addressing there are several different styles. This is wavy. I penciled in some wavy lines... all a bit different.
Step two: I added in a little heart wand to pick up a bit of the inside and bring it to the outside. That gives them a sneek peek at the fun inside! Pencil in the name and address. This is a safe way to be sure you get it right. I misspelled Abby's last name and I do this for a living... so, mistakes happen!
This just shows the heart wand on the inside and outside.
Step three: I used an .08 and .005 micron pen and traced over all of my lettering and doodling. Then with a clean white eraser... erase the lines.
Step Four: Next, I used colored pencil to color in all of my letters and then used glitter glue to give it a little pop.

I used the Star Dust Stickles for the glitter glue. And that's it. I gotta go to the post office and get a cute stamp and mail it off. Next, we will tackle making a template for the inside of the envelope and some other cool addressing. And then... onto lettering and doodling.... can't wait.


Createology said...

Wow Lindsay: this looks fabulous. How cheery and fun both on the envelope and the card. Happy creating...

Traceyr said...

What a fantastic envelope! Seems a shame to have to send it in the post! :)