Tuesday, March 2, 2010



The March Challenge is now Going Green.....

here's the low down in a nut shell.....

1. the THEME for the challenge is GREEN!
- Green, like the color... any shade or hue
- Green, like using something recycled or reused or making
something new out of something old
- Green, like in Nature... trees, plants, grasses, mountains....
- Green, like for St. Patrick's day so you don't get pinched!

2. e-mail me a picture on (or hopefully before so i don't get
them all in one night) March 17. St. Patrick's Day. And I will
post them as they come in.

3. you need to comment on them so we all can have feedback
about our pieces.

4. most important is to keep in mind when you are creating
your project that you want to make something that you
or your friends would like to buy. You NEED to be able to
part with your creation.... that's the top secret part to be
reviled on March 18th.

5. that's it... simple as that. you only need to make one piece.
however... i am going thru withdrawals not getting any art
in my inbox every night... so send whatever you like!

let's sum it up.....
Green, Green, Green and Green!
Got it?
If not, just e-mail me....
scribbles1@earthlink.net or lindsayostrom@yahoo.com

Go for the GREEN!!!

1 comment:

Susan said...

Do you know that M & M's just put out green m & m's for Valentine's Day saying that green is the new color for PASSION! Thought you would want to know!