Monday, April 12, 2010

a new weeks work....

Welcome to a new week of cards and letters. My friend Karen went to her mom, Idella's this weekend to help her clean out her place. She is now in a retirement home.... these are some of the treasures she had. A cool old train case FULL of postcards!!! I'm talking full of cool old ( vintage ) postcards!!!
And these are Idella's collection of some great old greeting cards. I love these and just HOPE that Karen sends one to me!
Ok... let's get down to blog Pal entries.... this one was sent to Joy from her "very artsie" blog pal, Sharla.... that's what Joy said.
First Zoraida got a care package from her blog pal Chirs... she sent a card and some hand made ATC cards too!
And then Chris got a super cute Easter card frpm her blog pal Zoraida.... love the hand drawn envelope!
And then.... Zoraida got some fun sunflower seeds from her blog pal Chris... and they came inside a little bubble - so cute!
This little toile beauty is sent to Jeni from Cory. Another masterpiece Cory. Jeni got two treats in her mail today....

This pretty little card is from Janet to Jeni... I wish i could see the picture better... but the colors are really sweet!

Ok... i'm going out on a limb here and will say that we, Blog Pals
haven't heard from some of you. We are almost half way through this challenge and some of you... and you know who you are.... have not mailed anything yet. Come on ladies... let's fill those mailboxes!!! Cards, letters, postcards... send something. Your BLOG PAL is counting on you......

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